Music for adare church

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limerickbride2010 Posts: 10
Hi Girls can anyone recommend some ideas on who we should choose thanks
winter bridezilla Posts: 85
hiya, im getting married there too! i spent AGES looking for the right music. i found the website really helpful. depends what you are after. i looked into a string quartet then a gospel choir and then ended up going for a soloist. there is a choir connected with the church also if you want to enquire with them.... the church has a scary organist though that has been mentioned in a few posts so beware, you have to clear your music with her first. oh and also, you are only allowed religious hymns.... hope this helps.
Caroline Fraher Posts: 480
Hi Limerickbride2010, I travel to Limerick and I have a couple of weddings coming up in Adare. Have a look at my website and if you like what you hear, PM me and I can send you some more details! All the best :wv Caroline
Virtuoso Chamber Choir Posts: 190
Virtuoso may be an option for your church music. we are an all female group who offer a range of singing styles and instruments including cello, violin, guitar, flute and keyboard. if you require further information PM me or drop us an email at Good Luck
Littlemix Posts: 23
Hi, New Wolly, just starting to plan our wedding. Getting engaged in April and want everything booked when we do as we have some interfering family members!!! I have provisionally booked the Catholic Church in Adare, got my list of "rules" yesterday. Quick questions for anyone who got married here recently. 1) Will I be able to have a harpist, my aunt is a harpist and I would really like to have her on the day for the music 2) If I bring free standing flower arrangements for the church will I have to leave them in the Church, I was planning on leaving one, but don't want to spend a fortune on flowers and not have any of them at the venue. 3) I note a comment "no repeat poses" in relation to photos, are they very strict about phots, I won't be using the parish priest, have a friend who is a priest so he will be doing it. 3) Were you able to get a photo of the signing of the register? I note this has to be done in the sacristy. Lastly, I note that the fee is €500, did you pay the sacristant and he alter servers in addition to this and if so how much approx? Thanks for all the replies in advance. Hoping to have the church, venue and band booked in the next week or two. Littlemix