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lmc1978 Posts: 423
Hi Girls, I am starting to think about what else I can do to relax during labour and was thinking about making a few cds or playlists for my ipod with relaxing/classical music. I was just looking for advice and suggestions from those of you who are doing the same or any songs that mums used on their lists? My 1st choice is Con te partiro by Andrea Boccelli-love it! It would be great to get a wollie playlist going! All suggestions welcome please! :thnk
Emme Posts: 4735
'Your song' from Moulin Rouge
islandfun Posts: 3054
I've been giving this a bit of thought too and have been jotting down songs whenever I hear one I like. The list is at home of course so not much good now. Anyway we can also bring a CD into the labour room in our hospital and I was thinking about Stevie Wonder. Like Classical music is lovely and all but it would be nice to have something upbeat. I probably won't have a clue what's on the CD player at the time but you'd never know.
swissgirl Posts: 2301
Hmmm, I had an ipod with me and didnt put it on at all. If anything I would recommend you bring some relaxation tapes - you know the ones - like you would hear at a spa. Waves lapping onto a beach, wind through trees kind of stuff. Anything else wouold be distracting.
theoracle Posts: 7664
No limits by 2Unlimited :o0 That woud get me going! Just kidding. I always found Adagio for Strings beautiful, as well as anything by mozart.
lmc1978 Posts: 423
thanks girls. i have loads of the relaxation ones as i am into massage/reiki etc so they will defo be going on. stevie wonder is a great one. i actually have his greatest hits and love it so i must dig that out! must see if i have the adagio ones. i love the song gabriel's oboe from the mission etc so was thinking along those lines. oooh enya! of course i know i probably wont end up using them but it will be nice to have them there just in case! thanks for sharing and if anyone thinks of anything else please add. :wv
Grunge Bride Posts: 2529
Would you have to bring a little stereo in with you - and do labour wards generally allow that? Don't know whether I'd like music or find it annoying if I'm in a lot of pain.....
lmc1978 Posts: 423
i have a small docking station for my i pod (very compact) that i was going to use? or else burn a couple of cds in case? am going to ask at my ante natal class this week. i know what you mean about the music maybe annoying me but i would rather have it and not use it than not have it and want it IYKWIM?? how are you feeling grunge bride? i'd say you're all organised at this stage and just waiting?? hope you're keeping well anyway! very exciting!
mia mya Posts: 285
I was thinking if I was to give birth to anything it would be to any of my sigur ros albums. Beautiful, calm music that I think would keep me relaxed (or as realxed as possible anyway :o0 ) during labour.
madhatter01 Posts: 495
Great Idea LMC. have been thinking about this also. Im also gona bring ipod with me with relaxation music im gona download, i like music from spa's and relaxation rooms. Also enya is very relaxing, aswell as some spanish music *) Must get working on that this wkend