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watchthisspace Posts: 591
No idea about music for the Church. Friend of the family is going to sing for us and her friend is going to play guitar. We have to have church music during the ceremony but can have other songs for arrival and signing of the reg. Can anyone help with Church Music that would suit a female voice and guitar. Meeting singer for lunch next week and need to have some ideas. Thanks :xxx
jinks Posts: 193
hi there, if you look up she has some good ideas of songs that you could use at the cermony and when with a guitar you could definitely use "She moves through the fair" and "Eagles Wings"- have a look through them and you will know which ones suit a guitar and which dont (you can adapt a lot of them to suit the guitar though) all the best with it
watchthisspace Posts: 591
Thanks Jinks I'll check that out :0)