My 1st Consultant Visit

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Cutey Pie Posts: 419
Well it was my first consultant visit and myself and hubby left the hospital beaming !! When i went into the consultants office i wasnt aware that my hubby could come with me as all the other woman seemed to be going in on their own. She went on to talk to me about my blood type - im O Rheysus Positive and how this will effect me and babs during my pregnancy and delivery. She said that when i am in labout they will need to take a scratch from babs head to check their blood type and if for any reason they cannot get to babs i will need a c section - and my platelets will be ordered from the blood bank as soon as i arrive in the hospital ( i also have a type of haemophilia, i bleed for way too long, my blood doesnt clot) I had a list of questions to ask which she answered brilliantly - was especially happy when she said i could dye my haid ( Peter Marks here i come first thing Saturday morning) Then she asked me to pop up on the bed and listened to my chest then had a feel around my tummy. Then she took the gel and put it on my tummy, i asked " are you giving me a scan" she said " Yes" " oh can you please call my hubby he wont want to miss this" !! So she went outside and got him and she proceeded with the scan. This is the 2nd scan we have had and like the first one babs was kicking legs and waving arms like mad :lvs Hubby started to cry, he was so proud :lvs We could see babs fingers sooo clear, it was amazing !!!! I am back in the hospital in 3 weeks time as i have to go under a medical team to assess my blood and bleeding disorder so that should be interesting !!! All in all a FAB visit !!!! :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll
problemchild Posts: 196
I just wanted to say.....aaaaahhhhhhhhhh. Don't you just love when things go well. Best of luck with the blood issue too
Barbara Ann Posts: 1032
Hi Cutey Pie Glad to hear you first visit went so well. Best of luck with evrything. :o)ll