my 2yr old broke off half my front tooth.....

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aperature Posts: 280
...with the sweeping brush this afternoon. MY front tooth, not his! its bloody would be my front tooth wouldn't it. what do i do? see dentist tomorrow i guess. what will he do? anyone any advice? is it going to cost a fortune? :o(
puddin2 Posts: 1093
Oh no! You poor thing! Is there much gone off it?? I broke my own front tooth when I was 10 - playing chasing in the school yard! I got a few caps when I was young and when I had braces. When the braces were off I got a veneer which lasted just about 10 years. Then got a crown 5 years ago but it is not lasting as well so might need a replacement before the wedding (was defo not in the budget and I am out of work at the moment :eek ) If you need a crown it could cost up to €800 but you can send in the Med1 form for some tax back from it. But go to the dentist and see what he/she says.
aperature Posts: 280
thanks so much for replying. doesnt hurt at all and i took a drink of cold water and no feeling at all so i doubt theres any nerve damage which is a good thing. id say its about 1/4 chipped, not half anyhow. the bottom part and its crooked. i look awful :( plus im 8mth pregnant so i dont know if they can do xrays or what...ahhh and i can't do anything about it until the morning and hopefully i'll get an appointment. i swear if DS wasn't so cute,i'd kill him! i could really do without this. boohoo.
hils138 Posts: 680
My two front teeth are broken for years. I have a cap on them which is like a white filling (and close to filling price). I get mine redone about every 7-10 years which is quite long timespan. It is a painless procedure, the sensation can be icky at times but not sore. Good luck