My Bari Jay BM dresses arrived today from Gowsales !

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frankensteins wife Posts: 1838
Hi Everyone, Just to let you all know, my bridesmaids dresses arrived today (Bari Jay style 810 in raspberry) I know there were a few of you thinking of ordering these dresses and I said I would let you know how I got on.... Anyway, the dresses are STUNNING :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll I am so glad that I ordered online and if any of you are debating on whether to do it or not, I say go for it. Not only did I save a fortune, but Gownsales also marked the postage at nearly a quarter of the cost of the value of the dress, so I only had to pay €80.77 on the dress - I didn't even ask them to do this, so I am delighted that they did this for me, as I was expecting to pay about €200 or so. As for the sizes of the dresses - I only have one bm living in the country at the moment so she came over and tried on hers and the fit is great, it needs to be altered only slightly (on the hips and around the bust) Hope to help anyone thinking or ordering these dresses or ordering online.
angel1978 Posts: 1154
Oh im so excited now. :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll Mine should be here in 6 weeks. I cant wait to see them. Is the colour fab?
frankensteins wife Posts: 1838
Angel - My dresses weren't due till the first week in January, so I bet you will get yours early too ! Yeah the colour is fab, is much nicer than it looks on the internet picture, its not as dark as it looks and when the light catches it looks like there is a pinkish sheen off it.
monkeybear Posts: 1926
Do you mind me asking how much you paid for the dresses?? its a gorgeous dress delighted for you :o)ll
frankensteins wife Posts: 1838
Pm'd you monkeybear :wv
mrswildrogue Posts: 1739
Ah Frankenstein's Bride delighted for you :wv Hope you are half as delighted and excited as me :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll
frankensteins wife Posts: 1838
Thanks Wildrouge - I'm so relieved the dresses are even nicer than I thought they were going to be, now I just cant wait till my dress arrives into the shop ! (although they did say it would take 10 months, so that means it wont be in until the end of March :o( hopefully it wont be that long though!)
the winner Posts: 4148
Im dying to order mine now :D Delighted they are fab :D gownsales seem to be really helpful:D
frankensteins wife Posts: 1838
[quote="The Winner":363grk6f]Im dying to order mine now :D Delighted they are fab :D [b:363grk6f]gownsales seem to be really helpful[/b:363grk6f]:D[/quote:363grk6f] They definately are helpful. I mailed them to tell them that I had received them and that I was delighted for them, I also thanked them for marking the parcel at a much lower price and I got a really nice email back from them. I can honestly say that I had no hassle at all with them and I was a bit iffy about ordering online before doing it ! Good luck with ordering yours Winner, hope that you will be as happy with yours as I am. :wv
the winner Posts: 4148
Thanks :D I am going to order them in january :D its great that they are so helpful.. Their dresses are fab:D might get one for myself too :D