My best friedn guessed!!

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Corks Posts: 355
I was so proud of myself not telling anyone about our pg (only told families) but I have been so sick and ill looking with no energy I was foolish to think that no-one would guess! Basically I havent been able to meet up with any of my mates for two weeks, just couldnt trust myself to sit in their company for 5 minutes without being obvious running to the loo. I have been blaming being busy at work for not meeting and being so tired. Anyway last night met my best mate for coffee. The minute she saw me she asked was I ok, I was very paleand then she asked straight out was I pg! I denied it but I can't lie and couldn't look her in the eye. the mopre I denied the less cionvincing I sounded. So its out to her anyway. I have sworn her to secrecy - I hope she sticks to it!! This MS is such a curse, it reveals our secrets!!
ginger nut Posts: 5989
and the constant tiredness, the inability to drink coffee without being ill, the constant excuses about why you aren't drinking or eating soft cheeses (this is causing raised eyebrows in my family as i loooove my camembert and blue cheese).....these are all the things that give us away :o0
lunamie Posts: 271
I know that all my close friends would guess - one of our friends just announced she was pregnant and although we all acted surprised the rumours had started 2 months earlier and loads of people who hadn't even seen her knew. I think I'd tell one or two of my best friends and ask them to keep it quiet - I think they would then help quel the rumours rather than spread them. But then I know they will be trying at around the same time as me (one got married on Saturday and 4 weeks until I do).
pattie Posts: 2379
Just told a friend at work and the first thing she said was "We knew!", then proceeded to continue her rant about a manager she can't stand. I was a bit put out. She did apologise and finally say congrats and ask me the usual questions though. Apparently wearing smocks have me away, and I thought I was doing a great job of covering up my big fat tummy!
sally Posts: 1140
We told all our friends really early (eight weeks) as I wanted it to be a surprise and not have everyone guessing already, they would have known straight away when they saw me with a coke or seven up as I love my drink. Too hard to lie for four more weeks. My BF guessed straight away though as she passed while I was talking to one of the girls at work about her due date, it was taking us a while and before I got pregnant found it hard to discuss others pregnancys so she guessed I must be pregnant too. To people you see every day it has to be so obvious
jen2 Posts: 3106
Itod my best friend before I told anyone else on the first two pregnancies. She has been my best friend since the first day of school. Then on this pregnacy I told DH first and then her. she is great at keeping secrets. She told me the day she found out she was pregnant. We are terrible at keeping anything from each other. Plus she would guess by just looking at me. Jen2
Sphynx Posts: 6795
My best friend guessed too! I only found out today when I told her! She guessed back in January because I asked in a cafe if the coleslaw was home-made :ooh She's a single girl and I assumed that she wouldn't take note of something like that! Thought I was being subtle too! O:| Feel like an eejit for being dishonest until now! So Corks it's probably better that she knows now and if she is a really good friend she will keep your secret.
lal Posts: 403
Im really hoping I get to tell my mam before she guesses . Its killing me not telling her but would you believe, about a week before I found out I was pregnant she said to me "when it comes to your turn, dont go telling everyone at six or eight weeks, wait till you've a few months gone!!! Can you believe it!. She's such a worrier though that i would like to be a little further on before she knows. Ive told my sister and my bf. My bf had told me the day she found out she was preg on both her babies so I wanted to return the confidence and also, its great to have someone to talk to whose been through it (as well as you wollies!!). My sister she was home for easter. We're very close and i realised the night before she went back that if i didnt tell her now, i wudnt get to tell her in person which i really wanted to. She had the most excellent reaction so I was glad I told her but I feel guilty that anyone knows before mam. Im only six weeks gone at this stage and it feels like a lifetime of keeping it from people. Touch wood the sickness has held off so hopefully it will for another while. I really dont think Ill be able to keep it a secret for long though...I have a scan on May 8th and once I get that, we're going to have a think about it. Ill only be seven or eight weeks then though so its still so early but i just really want to tell my mam before she guesses. Oh the dilemma!!!!