My birth story - and it's LONG

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oirish Posts: 1541
Well girls, can't quite believe i'm writing this. It's an honour to share it - and a positive induction story too!!! So, we went into the hospital at 6am to be induced. I was sick with nerves and crying going in but the midwife that met us was lovely and calmed me down. After all the checks and an internal to see how things were I was given the first of possibly 2 prostin gels at 7am and told i'd be checked again in 6 hours and on a trace for the next hour. About 10 mins later "tightenings" started showing up on the trace . Was told not to get excited, just "prostin cramps" About 8.30 I sent dh off to get breakfast and have a rest for an hour as we were both wound up and snapping at each other having not slept the night before. I was given breakfast in the room then brought down to a bed in a ward (empty except me) and told i'd be checked regularly. Dh came back 2 hours later with a PSP to "keep him occupied for the day" :o0 "prostin cramps" got longer, stronger and more painful and ALL in my back. As I was in so much pain with my back anyway this added insult to injury and I wasn't coping well. So around 11ish I gave up on the gym ball and got into the bath and stayed there for about 2 hours !! Was checked at 4pm nothing happening. Basically as I was having SUCH strong prostin pains they decided not to give another one till they calmed down then i'd be left over night. This was not nice to hear as baby was in the OP position - as in his back to my back and all my pain was in my lower back. Anyway, I sent dh off again to get dinner and mum was on her way in. Midwife shift changed and I was given another internal at 5pm - I was really disheartened by all the "prostin cramps" doing nothing so was delighted when I was 1cm ! Waters were broken and my god the pains then after in my back, I thought i'd die. Because babs was OP I would get 2 massive contractions right together then a 5 mins break then 2...etc. Mum sat with me for an hour rubbing my back and keeping me calm and then we went down to labour, having phoned dh to come back in. I was given the epidural as I couldn't speak or walk or move with the pain but I realise now I was just completly paniced without dh. When they were putting in the epidural I remember saying no I don't want it let me go without it a bit longer but I don't really remember what was said by midwife now. Blissful no pain 20 mins later and dh arrived in to find me in labour room laughing away and chatting and had missed all the drama. That was at 7pm. Was checked at 8pm and was 3cm. Drip was hooked up. Checked at 9pm still 3cm but epidural starting to wear off right down my middle !!! My legs to the knees were numb and my belly was ok but lower back and right down through all the important bits was just agony. Managed to breath through the contractions which had slowed down after epidural and consultant called in. Said to up the drip and he would check again in an hour. By 10 the contractions felt almost constant without a break and I was given a top up. it didn't take. Anesthetist was called in and he gave me yet another dose of epi. It only just took edge off but in the mean time I was given gas and air and it REALLY helped me focus my breathing - wish i'd been given it at the start after waters broke I might not have taken the epi then. I was now 6cm and constultant said not to expect to meet babs until 6am the next morning and was muttering about sizes and C-sections !! I was spaced out in my own little world by now, still feeling pain but not as bad, the 2nd top up took the edge off. Dh was falling asleep on the chair so I asked could he go and sleep in my room for an hour or two and that was no problem. Lights were all turned down and I was left on my own (midwife just outside) and I don't know how to describe it but I just went into my own world. Every pain I breathed in and with the out breath I just repeated "come on baby, come on baby" I swear I felt him move down with every contraction (maybe subconciously the few weeks I did spent listening to calmbirth cd's came into play here) At 11.30 midwife came in to check on me (she'd been in and out but I wasn't communicative !!!) I said to her - I have to get up to go to the toilet, I need to poo !!! She said, no pet, you can't walk, i'l have a look, you might be getting pressure pains now. So she checked and I was 9cm !!! So, she said, rethink of plan, instead of 6am you might meet your little boy before 2am!! maybe an hour to get to 10cm, then we'l let baby come down and you'l push for maybe an hour... 10 mins later I pushed the bell - I could feel "something" , she checked and babs was crowning !!! Panic stations "call the consultant for delivery" get her husband - ran to get him, he ran back. Midwife let me put my leg on her hip and dh ended up holding my other leg up and 4 pushes later Ryan was born at 11.55pm !!! Girls as I looked down and saw his little face and body appearing I swear to God, i'l never forget it. as long as I live i'l never forget that moment. I remember saying to dh my god he's your double !!! They had to rub him a little to get him breathing and I remember saying give him to me, give him to me !!! I don't know how long later - probably 30 seconds but felt like forever to me his warm little body was passed up under my nightie right onto my chest and I held my son for the first time and jsut cried and cried. I couldn't believe he was here. Dh just laughed, oh god he laughed and grinned and kissed me and the baby and we just couldn't believe this perfect baby was ours and was here finally. People told me I would regret finding out the S e x of the baby - but not for a second, the midwife knew that we knew, and when he came out they said "heres your son, here's your son" it was amazing - nothing but nothing could have made that moment more special. He wasn't small - 8lbs 12oz and 52cm long but I only had 2 stitches (pushed when I was told not to, ooops) The midwife was AMAZING and the consultant missed all by about 10 mins !! he's a dream baby, absolute dream. I'm blessed. Sorry so gushing a post, but I still can't believe my luck, sometimes I just look at him and cry with joy. What a journey we had to get here but it was worth every.single. minute. [img:2ztwgbhe][/img:2ztwgbhe] [img:2ztwgbhe][/img:2ztwgbhe]
GotPreggers Posts: 988
Ah hun, I have the biggest lump in my throat and tears in my eyes, that was such a lovely birth story :lvs I am absolutely thrilled for you, so much so I don't know what to write :o0 :lvs :lvs :lvs
missc Posts: 875
Awh what a lovely story. Congratulations to you all. And only 4 pushes :eek WOW lucky you, i was pushing for hour and a half :o0
theoracle Posts: 7664
Ah, just sitting here with tears streaming down the face! So pleased for you, I know what a bumpy journey the pregnancy was, so, so happy for you, wonderful story, congrats!
Midlands Mum Posts: 871
Oh Oirish Your birth story is fab, ive loved looking at the scan of Ryan over the last few months i always thought he looked so cute and comfy. And its amazing how much he looks like it in ''real life'' His little nose is just the same as in the scan. I know thats fairly obvious that it would be, but you know what i mean. You did a great job - he was a big baby and it doesnt sound like an easy labour. But its all been worth it. congrats to you & Dh and welcome baby Ryan :lvs
January Baby Posts: 1427
Congratulations, he's a stunner! Enjoy!
bpk Posts: 845
OMG I have tears in my eyes such a lovely story and I love the name Ryan its one of our top two :o0 Congrats to you all :thnk
bumpedy bump Posts: 736
Fantastic story - Congratulations. He's gorgeous XXX
*coolaboola* Posts: 374
oh he is adorable! well done, that was a beautiful birth story :thnk
Avril Hiswife Posts: 1743
Oh Oirish that is lovely, you have me in tears :lvs :lvs :lvs :lvs :lvs :lvs :lvs :lvs :lvs :lvs :lvs :lvs :lvs :lvs