My Birth Story.. Finally!!

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motherhubbard Posts: 3037
Hi Girls.. Sorry its been so long since I've been on and over 2 weeks since our bundle arrived :o)ll :o)ll Hope this isn't too long. Well on July 6th I was 9 days overdue and due to go in to the maternity that afternoon at 2pm to check in to be induced but that morning and the day before I had very little movement. So I rang the maternity and asked them what should I do and they advised to come in early. We went straight in, they did a trace and all was ok. So they checked me in anyways and then once I was set up in the ward myself and DH headed out for some lunch!! That night at 10pm the doctor gave me the first tablet. My DH left and stayed at a friends house near by but nothing happened after the first tablet. So at 6am on the 7th July they gave me a 2nd tablet. By 7 o clk I had bad pains so I rang my DH asking him to come in as it seemed things were moving along. I then got some very bad diahorea :-8 and then I spent 30 mins throwing up.. this is when my DH arrived and I think was a little shocked by what he saw.. poor thing. He was so good the whole way through it. By 8.30 I was having pains 1 min long every 2 mins but was barely dilated and my cervix had not thinned out much. I called the mid wife but I think she thought I was exaggerating! My DH tried explaining that he was timing them and they were coming that often but she wasn't really listening. Things continued along the same way until about 10.30 when I was finally moved to the labour ward. At this point I asked for the epidural and when I was waiting the midwife asked me if I wanted to try the gas, I did but it made me feel very sick so I didn't want to use it any more but she insisted at the next contraction and I threw up everywhere, again!! When she tried to make me try again by DH stepped in and told her I was fine!! She then said they were going to break my waters and I asked her not to as if everything was ok then there was no need to. At 11 o clk I got the epidural and the midwife said she was going to check me again, but when she did she broke my waters!!! Neither myself or my husband were happy about that as we had said that if the baby and I were both fine that we didn't want the waters broken and at that stage baby and I were doing great and I was 3 cms and my cervix had thinned completely but after an hour or so baby's heart rate started to decrease. We still don't know if this was due to the waters being broken or not. They monitored it for a little longer and discovered that when my contractions peaked thats when baby's heart-rated dropped. At 1.30 I was 6 cms but it was decided I needed a section. I was so worried about baby and got very upset but by 1.55 our baby boy was born perfectly healthy and my husband was holding him as we both cried and cried looking at him in amazement! He was born on our wedding anniversary and we couldn't imagine a more wonderful gift! :lvs We already love our new life with him :xox :lvs I find it a little hard not being able to get into the car and drive whenever I like as we live in the country, but thats a small sacrifice for my little man. We named him Callum and he is the imagine of his Dad. Hope ye enjoyed the read and best of luck to all Mums To Be! xxxxx :wv
under construction Posts: 3458
Hiya Toni, can't believe how forceful that midwife was. You told her you didn't want the gas (pity you didn't throw up on her !!), then to go and break your waters when you told her you didn't want it done - what a cow !! You must have been so upset to get to 6cm and then have to be sectioned, but as you say all you wanted was baby out safe and sound so at the end of the day needs must. I too was sectioned, its so hard being without the car especially as the weather hasn't been that great to be out walking. Congrats to you and your DH and a big WOL welcome to little Callum. Take care of yourself and hopefully will chat over in Mums & Kids
naughtybutnice Posts: 1858
Congratulations Toni and welcome to the world baby Callum. you must've been ripping with that midwife-very annoying to go against your wishes. hope everything is going well for you and your new family. :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll looks like the ring was right for both of us :o0 :o0 :o0 :o0 :o0
motherhubbard Posts: 3037
Thanks Girls.. :thnk I was annoyed at the time but like the pain of the contractions I think I've forgotten all about her. I met so many other mid-wives that were lovely so I hate talking about the one mid-wife I met that seemed to be more then a little pushy! It is great to be home and getting into our own little habits and routine.
Lemon8 Posts: 367
Congratulations Toni and thank you for posting your story. Love the name Callum. Sounds like a nightmare of a midwife. Glad everything turned out well in the end.
alton Posts: 3077
Calllum is a gorgeous name. Congratulations! Can't get over that midwife. She might be able to defend her actions on medical grounds but she has a duty of emotional care to you as a patient and her attitude seems way out of line. You'd be well within reason to put in a written complaint about your treatment. That's probably the furthest thing from your mind now that you have a gorgeous healthy son. Congratulations again!
HoneyBee1973 Posts: 795
Congrats toni! Callum is a gorgeous name. Take care.
TracyD Posts: 750
What a lovely anniversary pressie for you both !! Hope you're recovering well - take every bit of help you can get and rest up as much as possible. I completely agree with the other posters that your midwife was way out of line. Is it possible that the membranes released accidentally when your midwife was checking you or did she use the amniohook....which of course would rule out accidental rupture of membranes? They will usually release your membranes if they gave you pitocin along with the epidural but it should have been discussed with you and your partner and your consent sought. You did not consent so this could have serious ramifications for the hospital. There's been more research on this outdated and potentially dangerous procedure which I've posted below taken from the Cochrane Review (best practice guidelines) Maybe next year when you're getting a full nights rest :-) you might consider getting your hospital notes and making a complaint. It might make this midwife think again before doing this to someone else. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ [b:38e8scuk]Amniotomy for shortening spontaneous labour[/b:38e8scuk] The aim of breaking the waters (also known as artificial rupture of the membranes, ARM, or amniotomy), is to speed up and strengthen contractions, and thus shorten the length of labour. The membranes are punctured with a crochet-like long-handled hook during a vaginal examination, and the amniotic fluid floods out. Rupturing the membranes is thought to release chemicals and hormones that stimulate contractions. Amniotomy has been standard practice in recent years in many countries around the world. In some centres it is advocated and performed routinely in all women, and in many centres it is used for women whose labours have become prolonged. [b:38e8scuk]However, there is little evidence that a shorter labour has benefits for the mother or the baby. There are a number of potential important but rare risks associated with amniotomy, including problems with the umbilical cord or the baby's heart rate.[/b:38e8scuk] The review of studies assessed the use of amniotomy routinely in all labours that started spontaneously. It also assessed the use of amniotomy in labours that started spontaneously but had become prolonged. There were 14 studies identified, involving 4893 women, none of which assessed whether amniotomy increased women's pain in labour. [b:38e8scuk]The evidence showed no shortening of the length of first stage of labour and a possible increase in caesarean section[/b:38e8scuk]. Routine amniotomy is not recommended for normally progressing labours or in labours which have become prolonged. Enjoy your little man ! Tracy
rushinbride Posts: 1097
welcome baby callum - hope your healing well, enjoy the little man!! Tracy thanks for that info it makes for interesting reading... as a matter of interest how long after the delivery is it possible to lodge a complaint about the hospital?? Or the care received during labour??
Babybop. Posts: 592
Toni thanks for sharing your birth story, Congratulations and welcome to the world baby Callum, love the name its my 2ds name :lvs