My Birth Story - LONG!!!

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Port Princess Posts: 1154
Hi everyone :wv A few of you might already know I was booked in for induction last Saturday at 8am. Had a really bad night the night before DS1 had insomnia he knew something was going on and was very restless. Me and DH got up at 7am and got ready to go I was soooooooooooo nervous about being induced after all the horror stories and was like a bull all morning. >:o( Got into the Rotunda at 8am and they sent me up to the delivery suite they have a ward just outside it for people being induced. The midwife showed me to my bed and told me to get changed into a night dress. Got changed and when I came back out there was tea and toast waiting for me so I munched away on that :o0 and the midwife came back and asked for a urine sample and said they would put me on a trace. Done the urine sample and it was all clear and started me on the trace, said the doc would be around to the ward shortly. At 10am the doc finally arrived and said he would examine me and if he could break my waters he would if not he would give me the gel. He was able to break my waters (it was really uncomfortable but only lasted less than a minute) he told me to walk around for the next 2 hrs and if I hadn't started to contract they'd put me on the drip to start things :ooh . About 2mins after he left the midwife put me back on the trace and babs heart rate had gone up to over 200 she told me she'd have to leave me on the trace for another while just to make sure that the heart rate came back down. After about 45 mins she said it all looked normal again and told me and DH to go down to the delivery ward so we moved all the bags down to our own little room. The midwife said to come back every 15mins so she could check the heart beat. I asked her about pain relief cuz I'd heard the drip brought on the contractions very strong and I didn't want that. She asked me would I not try without it seeing as I'd already had 2 births without it and I said no. She told me to think about it. O:| So me and DH walked up and down the rotunda I told him I wasn't letting them put the drip in till the epi was done I was really worried they wouldn't give it to me. So anyway walking around for an hour and didn't have so much as a twinge so midwife said she'd have to put me on the drip. Told her I definitely wanted the epidural so she said it'd b 1 o'clock before the anesthetist would be able to do it. So I got to walk for another 45mins. Still no pains so got the epidural. :o)ll AFter about 10mins of it going in I felt really funny :hic and told DH to go and get someone by the time they came back in I was unconscious the next thing I know was about 5 midwives and 2 docs in the room. Turned out my BP had gone too low so they were pumping plazma stuff into me to bring it back up. They decided then to give me a while to recover before putting me on the drip so didn't start that till 3pm. The epidural blocked everything, I coudl still move my legs which I was suprised about I always thought you couldn't move them at all but I could. At about 5 I could feel pressure but there was no contractions showing up on the trace. Midwife said I probably needed a top up of the epidural but said she wanted to assess me first to make sure I was dilating b4 she gave it to me. She done an internal and said I was already 10cm :eek I was shocked and so was she she said the pressure I was feeling was baby coming down. She said while she was examining me she actually felt the baby move down a bit. She said as long as baby was happy she'd leave me an hour before starting to push. AFter about 40mins the pressure was getting was too much and I told her I couldn't fight the urge to push anymore. (I wasn't in pain just pressure) so she said I could start pushing. I pushed for about 40mins and our beautiful baby girl arrived into the world at 6.21pm weighing 6lb 7oz. Absolutely perfect and screaming the place down. We called her Hannah. I'm absolutely head over heels in love with her :lvs :lvs she is such a little dote and I can't believe she's ours. *) The boys are a bit jealous at times but most of the time they just wanna kiss and hug her. :lvs I was soooo scared of being induced but out of all 3 births she was by far the easiest. Sorry it was sooooo long! I'll try and post some pics soon. Good luck to everyone still waiting ur little bundles will be here soon
NotHere Posts: 10273
Woohoo!! Well done PP! I'm so glad your experience of the induction wasn't bad either. The epi really makes all the difference. Have you loads of pink bits and bobs now :o0 Best of luck with her, give her a big kiss for me! :o)ll
newyearbabs Posts: 686
Congrats PP :o)ll fair play to yah for sticking to your guns re epi
Sleep Monster Posts: 2829
Congrats Port Princess, what a great story! Thanks so much for sharing. Must have been scary for hubbie when you passed out! Glad it all turned out so well in the end.
Mrs. Taz Posts: 1216
Congrats PP, delilghted for you. You're birth story was great. Thanks for sharing. You and Dh must be so happy. Big kiss for baby Hannah. :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll
under construction Posts: 3458
Congratulations again, well done and thanks for sharing your story. So congrats to you and your DH on the birth of your daughter and to your two little men on the birth of their little sister. Hope you and your little family have a fab christmas
charli Posts: 5994
ah what a christmas pressie - she sounds like a right dote! one big happy family, eh!! Congrats to you all and Welcome baby Hannah :o)ll
January Baby Posts: 1427
Congratulations!! :o)ll :lvs
LilyBlue Posts: 279
Well done & congratulations to you, DH & your boys Port Princess! I love the name Hannah, its so cute! Thank you for sharing your birth story with us! With best wishes Lily x
july7812 Posts: 1787
Thanks for sharing your birth story with us Port Princess - did you suspect it would be a girl after your 2 boys. Congrats to you, your DH and your 2 sons on the birth of your special little princess Hannah (lovely name by the way). Best Wishes :thnk