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libramoon Posts: 2402
Hi girls I know some of you have been wondering if i had my baby so I thought I better post my birth story. Our son was born on the 9th of September but it didn't go the way we'd expected... So on Saturday night (5th Sept) I went to bed at around 10pm. I woke at 11pm with cramps and baby going mental. I decided to change position in bed to see if that would stop him so I went over onto my side. I turned back to get my phone and when I did that there was a pop and a gush. I got up and went to the loo to make sure it was my waters which it def was. I shouted down to Dh that my waters had gone. He came up stairs with a face on him like a rabbit stuck in head lights. I asked him to get the few things I hadn't put in the hospital bag like my phone charger and the camera and it was like I was speaking in another language - he was very flustered! So off in the car we go. Oh, and of course I forgot to put the maternity sheets on the car seat. We bombed it down the motor way and when we got to the toll Dh practically threw the money at your one and announced we were having a baby! By the time we turned off the roundabout for Ballinasloe my waters started gushing again - it was then I remembered the maternity sheets packed neatly in my labour bag! When I stood out of the car at the hospital the waters poured down my legs. We were both laughing as were two people in the smoking shelter. Dh even took a picture of the puddle I left in the lift! When we got to the labour ward they examined me but said my cervix was high and it could be 24 to 48 hours before anything happened so it was best for William to go home. When I got to my bed I texted my mother and my sister that my waters had broke but nothing else was happening. As soon as I sent the text the contractions started. I found them very painful and tried to breath through them. Of course I also forgot about the Tens machine I had in my labour bag! By 3am I went down to find a midwife who examined me again and said I still wasn't dilated but offered me petadine for the pain. I hummed and hawed about taking it since I didn't want to have any drugs but felt if it helped me sleep it would be better. It didn't do much for me and I couldn't sleep so by 6am I rang Dh to come in as I needed someone to help me focus on my breathing. We paced up and down the corridor and also tried the Tens machine which I nearly threw out the window as it was more painful than the contractions! Dh still goes on about it being a waste of money! By 10am they examined me again and said I was 3cm dilated. I was brought into the labour room and was hooked up to a trace. Looking back being on a trace didn't help with the pain since I couldn't move around. By 11.30am I gave in and had the epi which was like heaven (I'm actually proud that I went 12 hours without it!) I manged to sleep a bit and was put on a drip to speed up the dilation - honestly for someone who wanted to avoid the meds it was probably one of the most medicated labours ever! By 3.40pm they said it was time to push. I was wrecked at that stage and found the next hour and 15 minutes pushing very tough. I even wanted to give up a couple of times and became that women on OBEM that you think is a pure drama queen! At one stage Baby's heart rate dropped and I was put in a gown in case I needed a c-section but then his heart rate recovered so we continued on. At another stage the midwife took my temp and it was high and then they gave me antibs because my waters had broken 16 hours previously. Since I was pushing for over an hour they decided to use the vacuum to help me push him out. I nearly had a meltdown when they told me this as my sisters friend had a horrible experience with it but I knew it had to be done. Our son was born at 5.10pm but he didn't breathe. He was rushed off into another room and we were left wondering what was going on. I spent the next few hours appologising to Dh as I thought it was all my fault because I didn't push him out myself. We eventually go to see him but he was hooked up to a ventalator had a fixed gaze and his bottom lip was quivering. I put my finger in his hand and he didn't grasp it. It was then that I wailed and if I hadn't been in a wheel chair I would have colapsed. It was probably the worst moment of our lives. We were told he may have had a seizure and they were going to send him to holles street in Dublin. Our little man was whisked away in an ambulance. Dh followed them and I was going to be admitted to holles street the following day. When I got to holles street I was brought to see our son who was covered in wires and was being treated with teraputhic hypertermia. He had a cooling suit on him to cool him down to 33 degrees. This was to slow his brain down in an attempt to prevent brain damage. He remained in the suit for 72 hours and then they warmed him back up. Thankfully he stared to show a good response to the treatment and we were delighted to see him open his eyes and look at us - a very different little baby to the one we saw the night he was born. He was sent for an MRI which showed everything was normal and then got sent back to ballinasloe hospital to help him learn to feed which he did really well and he was bfing in a matter of days. So when he was exactly 2 weeks old we got to bring him home. He is currently sleeping in his Moses basket after a big feed and is doing really well altho he isn't too fond f being cold! He will need to be monitored for the next 2 years and hopefully will show no I'll affects of not breathing at birth and will hit all his development milestones ok. It was a tough start to his life and ours as new parents but thankfully it all worked out in the end. We don't know what caused him not to breathe and it could have been a combination of things like my high tempature during labour or the high tempature I'd had a few weeks before when I was admitted overnight (I may have had an infection that affected him). It could have been something that happened while he was in the womb months previously or something during the delivery like trying to squeeze out past my pelvis. It could have been the vacuum extration. We'll never know for sure but we do know how lucky we are to have him here...
Mrssailor Posts: 126
aw congratulations libramoon and thanks for sharing. sounds like you went through a tough time of it but i'm glad your LO is home and doing well. lots of love x
safari girl Posts: 309
Wow, you poor thing. That sounds really scary. Glad to hear you and babs are doing so well now and I'm sure that will continue long into the future.
ohsotired Posts: 7071
Oh you poor things, I can only imagine how hard that was at the beginning - I didn't get to see DD for about 10 mins after she was born and that was very hard going so I can only imagine what it was like for you. Delighted your little man is doing so well now!
LullaBelle11 Posts: 1159
Congratulations libramoon! Really glad he is doing well. Hope you are keeping well too?
wifetob Posts: 936
Congratulations libramoon. What a terrify experience you all had. Thank god your baby boy is doing well x
RainbowNinja Posts: 4437
Congrats libramoon, what a story. Thank god everything ended up ok, best wishes to you, your DH and your baby
Bluebear Posts: 1594
Congrats libra moon- delighted to hear your little man is doing well. What a frightening few hours for you all.
annonTTCer Posts: 532
Congrats to you & your dh, what a terrifying experience but so happy to hear your little man is ok!!
lush11 Posts: 2877
Thats a rough labour, ya poor thing but at least your home with your little man and alls ok. Preg and birth are so unpredictable, ya just don't know how it'll all go.