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gottabfp Posts: 5641
Baby James is over 3 months old now so i think its about time i wrote this as i loved reading everybodys when i was pregant. I was due on the 4th of July. ..Baby had differnt ideas. On the 10th i had a sweep done, then the following day i started getting pains but nothing really bad and i had a bit of a show. They were bearable but timing every 5-10 minutes. Then the following day they were getting stronger but still every 5-10 minutes. I sent DH to work and my sister stood gaurd over me for the day. Had a few baths and walks but nothing was working. At 5 o clock my mam took over the watch and made me ring the hospital , who said dont come in until you can not talk with the pain. The pains were getting worse and at 11 i rang them again, they said they would ring me back and they never did so i wasnt sure what to do so i went to bed. I woke up at 2 and the pains were much worse. I rang the hospital again and insisted they checked me as i was convinced something was happening. When i got to the admissions room the midwife was helping to take of my clothes and asked if my waters went and i said no... and in that very moment they splashed all over her :-8 . Dignity was then left at the door! I was 3cm in early labour. I got settled in my room and had my tens on. Seven hours later i was only 4 cm. My midwife was lovely but old school and when i asked for pain relief she was like " oh deary that will make you very sicky :o0 " Eventually i asked for the epi and god its the most amazing thing ever! ( I never wanted to get it but when you are in there you will take whatever they are offering). I am upset that she wouldnt give me the gas and air or petidine as i would have liked to try them first. Every hour then i kind of moved up a cm. I got checked and was 7 or 7 1/2 (it was very funny because the midwife and the student would be comparing and they never agreed on what i was). A few minutes after getting checked i suddenly got the urge to push. They kept saying.. no sure we only checked you. They checked again and i was fully dialated. An hour later i began to push. It felt like 10 mintues but my husband said , is this normal she is pushing for over an hour now. I was telling him to shut up , I am not. The midwife then said they were going to have to get the doctors in. In came the junior doctor and the senoir doctor was delayed. The baby was getting destressed so there wasnt time to wait on the Doctor so the head midwife told the doctor to go ahead. She ordered me to lay back flat on the bed. I said i felt stronger sitting up and more able to push.. well with that she grabbed my ankles and pulled me down the bed so i was lying flat. She put the vacum on and he still wasnt coming . I saw her getting the instruments to cut me nad i pushed him out in terror of being cut!! At 5.56pm on Friday 13th my baby boy was born weighing 8lb 13oz :o)ll I had asked to touch the head when it was out but i was that paniced i just wanted him out. The wagon of a doctor then cut the cord even though my husband had asked to do it. THe student midwife just kept saying i am so sorry. She didnt even tell me if i had a boy or a girl. I only foound out when the midwife came over to me to say he had a skin tag on his ear. James then made some funny noise and was whisked of to special care. This was like an outter body experince or a bad dream and it was just so horrible. My body was shaking like mad and i couldnt catch my breath. After the placenta was delievered the Doctor aka wagon started to stitch me.. this was the worse pain ever. I was screaming saying how sore it was and she kept saying... "you cant feel this you have had an epidural". The head midwife then said to her " i dont know how you do things but around here we give an anastetic when doing the stiches" The doctor said " fine then get one for me" But she continued stitching until the midwife came back, again the anastetic worked the stitches were done.Later when they went to take the epi out of my bag they realised it had come out from when i was pulled by my ankles down the bed. My mam had been waiting in the corridors all day so i begged could she come in... a god send!Mammys are great :xxs After getting washed i got to go ssee James. It was horroble seeing him in the incubator and on a drip and not really understanding why he was there. I got really upset and asked them to wheel me to my bed and the nurse said ! do you not want to hold your baby" . I WAS DELIGHTED , i thought i couldnt hold him. Most amazing feeling ever. I went to bed then and slept until 6 the next morning when i got the call to go down to special care. James was in a normal cot and looking for a feed . I got to breast feed him and he latched on no problem. He was 2 days in special care. On the sunday evening when we brought him up to the ward there was 18 visitors to see him standing around my bed :o0 James had his follow up appointment during the week and his lungs are fine and everything is great. He smiles and laughs from one end of the day to the other. He is just the most amazing thing i have ever done and i feel like bursting with happiness. We were 6 years trying for him and after 4 months of fertility treatment , he of course was worth every minute of it. Sorry for the rambling on and probably a million spelling mistakes :o0
MrsPositive Posts: 1548
awh gottabfp what an amazing story Im so delighted it all went well in the end! Well done and congrats x
perle Posts: 236
Gotta bfp I remember you from the TTC forum and cannot believe that your baby is 3 months old! It feels like no time ago since you got your bfp! Congratulations! After 6 years TTC you deserve every happiness! Your story still gives me so much hope. Amazing birth story by the way! X
ReginaFalange Posts: 10290
Ah I was only wondering yesterday where you'd gone to!! Too busy changing nappies obviously :o0 Sounds like you have a few dodgy moments there but all is well now and little James is thriving and that's the main thing! It's amazing being a Mammy isn't it? Delighted for you! :xxx
tilsun Posts: 4506
Aaaah fab story. Feel like I followed your story all this time, great to hear its happy conclusion. Congrats, James sounds like a cutie
1Bighappy Posts: 57
GottaBFP I loved your story, well done to you and little James x
Mrs W Posts: 2923
Aww thats so lovely :lvs :lvs :lvs :lvs :lvs
newyorker Posts: 309
Congratulations BFP :o)ll Great story, delighted to hear all is well
mamasarus Posts: 831
Gottabfp, i am in tears in work reading that. Wow ! I usually dont read Birth stories but just had to read yours, and it is a Beautiful story and James sounds wonderful. Congratulations :o)ll p.s. That doctor sounds like a right bi*ch, how they get away with some of the stuff is utterly unreal.
MiniMeonBoard Posts: 6208
what a story goffabpf. That doctor sounds like a right ole witch.