my bm shoes...

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perfection Posts: 837
hi girls... posted this last week b4 the new site n now pics are gone!!! i had 3bms and now i have 4... i managed to get the 4th dress even though they were end of line... but man am i having trouble getting another pair of shoes!!! i got my 3bms shoes about 4mts ago in tkmaxx...ive tryed everywhere and googled everything i can think of to try get another pair.... the make is "delicious" and there done in us sizes i need a us 7.5...there a wine/red colour, there suedette with thin patent straps across the toes and on the side of the heel part...the heel is patent too and there peeptoe... if anyone has these shoes or knows of anywere and i mean anywere i could get them i would really appricate it... and please if your in a tkmakk anywere in the country would ya keep an eye out for them and pm me asap if u do see them.... heres a pic of them...thank you soooo much...[attachment=1:2blsit5r]bm shoes.jpg[/attachment:2blsit5r][attachment=0:2blsit5r]shoes.jpg[/attachment:2blsit5r]
perfection Posts: 837
bump... please anyone :weep :weep :weep :weep :weep
Laila K Posts: 593
Nope, sorry but will look out for them, might be in TKMaxx in town on tue... If they're there, I'll let you know asap... 7.5 Also, are the dresses long? If so, just get another red pair somewhere and no one will notice a difference, if they;re short it'll be a pity, but not end of the world..good luck finding them
perfection Posts: 837
bump... im still looking for these...
sunray Posts: 198
There is a shoe brand called Susst - they have a shoe similar to this but I'm not sure if it would be the same colour - You could ring some of the Susst shops maybe and see - The shoe is called Melody 2 and its from earlier on this year so they might have some still in stock - their website is and you'll find list of stockists - HTH Good luck :o)ll
perfection Posts: 837
ooo thank you july10bride... :thnk
sunray Posts: 198
Ur welcome hope someone can be of help - If not pm me as I know the suppliers and if the colour is correct they might have some left I can ask anyway
roma2011 Posts: 1208
what about buying shoes in the general same shape and having them dyed to match the other ones? They wouldn't be identical but they would be fairly similar. You're just going to drive yourself mad trying to find them. Think this crowd can do it on any white/ivory satin shoes
1210 Posts: 203
Hey perfection, not sure if you're still looking for these, but was looking for red peep toes myself and stumbled across these, they're a uk 5 but maybe search the seller's items and see if they have your size... ... 4cf1bb2854 They look the same...HTH.
perfection Posts: 837
1210... i ordered them about 3 weeks ago... but i had to send them back..they were bright red with peach straps.. not the same O:| july10bride ive looked at that website and they only seem to do them in black... googled susst shoes and i cant find them in the colour i need.. the colour is red/wine O:| i have found 3 pairs of these shoes on silver... gold... or black O:|