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Wild Child Posts: 1694
Hey Girls Well I told my boss today and he was nice about it.....well he said "you must be trilled....bit sooner that I though it would be thought you would wait a year or two" but thats just him! My problem is that I have is that when I was pregnant the last time I had loads of appointments and I had only just started the job so I felt kinda bad so I said I would take some of the appointments at my own expense as I was only in the door a few when I told him I had an appointment on thursday he said grand just work it the way you did the last time and stay later another be honest I wasnt expecting it so I was just left speechless.....he knows nothing of maternity leave or entitlements like time off for hospital visits he even asked me how long was I taking off after "about 12weeks" he just has no clue and is the type that thinks that if it doesnt benefit him what the point!!! I really dont know how to bring up the subject of what I'm entilted to I dont want to come across in a "so there" type of way or make him feel stupid that will just get his back up.... just a subtle but to the point and really would prefere not to be questioned on it! (wishful thinking on my part) Any suggestions Welcome!
baby2010 Posts: 908
stupid men!!! My direct boss was great but the chairman asked me the other day if I was going to take my maternity leave - doh - this was after telling me that his wife was back in work 10 days after having their 1st child - mmmmm, that was over 40 years ago, Sir!!!! Is there any way that you could print off the entitlements and just go to him and say that things seem to have changed since your last pregnancy? If he's that clueless about the whole thing you might be able to let on law has changed, or you could pretend that you didn't realise yourself last time but that someone's after bringing it to your attention now? I know you shouldn't have to do it this way but if you're trying to keepthe peace it might be easier?
Wild Child Posts: 1694
Thanks Baby 2010 Great Idea :o)ll I think I'll leave it a week or so to do it and then maybe say I was told in the hospital by a nurse and act totally dumb about it and then print off the internet and say I looked it up again Brilliant idea tht could really work.....its amazing the things we women have to do to keep the peace!!! :o0
Delish Posts: 4176
You could print some stuff off, or go to citizen's advice and get a brochure on your entitlements. Then you could tell your boss that they handed you the brochure/print out at your app and told you to give it to your employer. What do you think? That's not overly confrontational.
mammymcphee Posts: 4477
hey hun, maybe you could ask him if he could print off your entitlements, or ask him to get a list from your HR department, he will actually have to read them then ... men!! just as well he aint the one PG EH.. Glad to see ur doing good too, xx :xxx
Wild Child Posts: 1694
Delish - Another great idea :o)ll I might pop up to citizens advise in the square and see if they have a brochure on it and say I got it in the hospital and was told to give it to him!
baby2010 Posts: 908
I'm sure if you email or ring them they'll post out the leaflet to you having to go to the SQ....(I was there on Sat and I just find the place mental!!!)
mtv Posts: 935
i would go with Delish's idea.
sinion Posts: 6050
I'm presuming then that there's no HR department in your office? If there is, then this is their area of expertise, it really shouldn't be up to you to advise him on maternity rights and benefits. If there is one, you should contact them and ask them to get him up to speed with what you're entitled to.
Wild Child Posts: 1694
There is no HR department its only a small company....wish there was though! Baby2010 - think I'll try emailing them today thanks! Thanks to everyone for all there help really appreciate it!!!