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Ca cest moi Posts: 7855
VAT and customs will come to so much on the dress that it will work out very little in the difference to order it from America. You would be safer ordering from home in my opinion.
Welsh goddess Posts: 370
I would not be worried in the slightest about ordering the dress online. I had my dress picked out in a shop here and it was costing €1650. I hadnt ordered it but had started to put money into the shop because as you know you need half the full amount before you order (im also ordering my BM dresses and flowergirl dress with this shop too). Anyway in June I was online looking for fingerless gloves and came across a site in China that made wedding dresses etc. They had my dress for €115 made to measure. My mam and sister have both worked making dresses so were used to taking measurements. We sent the measurements off and my dress arrived the other day and it is just fab. I couldnt believe that there was no difference even the material is the same quality the only difference is there is no designer label on it. So I have a fab dress that ended up costing me in total €150 and I saved €1500 that I can put towards something else :o)ll
babydust2012 Posts: 4736
I would totally get the dress online, especially when you have your brother to bring it back for you?? Why is it safer to buy it here? It will STILL need to be altered and at a cost too? Save the e300 + and use this towards the alterations.... we all have to find a seamstress/ dress maker to alter dresses bought here anyway.... not everyone goes with the shop recommendation :lvs
CavanB2B Posts: 232
I would advise anyone to buy the dress online as i had a very positive experience with my own dress. I got it from the states and got it altered with Abbey Alterations in Blanchardstown so even with the customs charge & the alteratiosn fee i still saved €890 :o)ll
annie77 Posts: 484
I'm a big believer in the buying online thing - especially when you can get it shipped to your brother and avoid customs. I've ordered wedding dress and bridesmaid dresses online and all worked out great. Saved out 40% on my dresses and bridesmaid dresses (even after customs and shipping costs). If you're in the Limerick/Tipp area I can recommend a seamstress. PM me if you're interested - she doesn't want her details online as she already get loads of business. My dress was lace and she did an amazing job.