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mrs-ck-one Posts: 254
Aaaaahhhhh!!! :eek the dress shop rang and my dress is in and its 5 weeks earlier than planned and i haven't lost all the weight i had planned on losing before it arrived i've still got almost 2 stone to lose and i'm freakin out cos i don't know if it will fit me across the back properly and i'm having panic attacks but other than that i'm sooooo excited, its gonna be next week before i can see it but i can't wait!!!!!! :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll
lil kim Posts: 436
thats great, uve still got 3 mths till the wedding so ya got loads of time to lose it yet. have ya any pic of the dress, im dying for a look!!!!!!!
babysandie Posts: 85
no need to panic you have loads of time girl. Just enjoy it, YOUR dress in here.................. show us
mrs-ck-one Posts: 254
Well girls after all my panicking i went to pick up the dress and it tied!!! i nearly died of shock! could do wit about 2 stone an a fair bit of tonin up on the arms but i can't believe it actually tied!!!!!!!!!!! :o)ll
Milly83 Posts: 3620
That's excellent that it fits! Will the bridal shop hold onto your dress until you are ready for fittings? I think mine will be in March!!!!
mrs-ck-one Posts: 254
Hey Goldenbride, No we took it away with us but the same shop isn't a bridal shop exactly... they don't do alterations so my mam took it home an we'll keep it there, but most bridal shops keep it there until the final fitting!! Mine wasn't due until the end of Feb cos we didn't order it until mid october!!! I nearly died when I heard it was in!!
Milly83 Posts: 3620
I think that I will have about 5 months before the wedding when it comes in. I will have to get somewhere to keep it if the bridal shop doesn't! Somewhere safe that nobody can see it!
mrs-ck-one Posts: 254
Well we were a little devious >:o) the whole family are mad to see it, my mam is more adamant than me that no one sees it... she doesn't even want bms or my work friends to see it (my bms are a little laxy dazical so the girls at work are helpin me with alot of planning!) so basically the dress is in a cream duvet cover & then the dress bag and hanging in my mams guest room, with all the other wedding stuff, but the family have been told its at my house >:o) If you do keep it yourself make sure u take the clear plastic off it and put in a clean light colored duvet cover to protect it... some valuable tips from our dressmaker!