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Ficidy Posts: 1753
Yay! Just got home to find a letter from deStafford saying my dress is in :o)ll Can't believe it - I wasn't expecting to hear from them for another few weeks. Made an appointment for first fitting for 1st April (then h2b pointed out that it's April Fool's so I'm going to change the appointment as I'll be nervous enough - don't want to put a curse on the whole thing!). Need to lose a bit of weight. How much could I lose in a month girls? Am so excited. Can't wait to see the dress, but I know I probably won't sleep the night before as I'll be so worried I won't like it anymore. Just wanted to post this as I had seen these threads before and thought "that'll never be me, writing that my dress has arrived", but the time comes around much quicker than you think. Oh, and I got my final draft for my invitations e-mailed earlier and they're fab. Yay, great day!! :o)ll
08Aug09 Posts: 405
Love your Dress - you will be stunning I bet you will fall in love with it all over again once you try it on I wanted to be more toned myself before my first fitting - every night I tell myself I will start the sit up tommorow - really bloated belly that I have been told sit ups can get rid of - but I cant even do sit ups so unfit How many fittings do you think you are going to have?
Ficidy Posts: 1753
I think it'll be about 3 fittings. They said to bring my underwear with me, but no idea what kind to get. Anyone have any ideas?
blueswallow Posts: 1244
Ficidy, that's brill! Sounds like you had a great weddingy day! :o)ll
so excited bride Posts: 86
I got a great thing in peaches and cream, it's called a body wrap, kind f shrts, and quite high up, so no lines, but really comfy and not restricting at all
frankensteins wife Posts: 1838
:o)ll :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll Aw Ficidy thats great that your dress is in :o)ll :o)ll I've no idea bout underwear though, sorry :-8 (haven't got a clue about my own either !) Have you got shoes and jewellery yet ? I'm still waiting on my dress to come in :o( It was meant to be in a few weeks ago, but it will be another 2 weeks at least O:|
Ficidy Posts: 1753
Yeah, I've got shoes, but they were only cheap so I'll see if they go with the dress and if not I'll change them. Don't have jewellery. Going to wait until I see the dress again before I decide what jewellery to get. Can't remember the exact colour of the dress. It really is great when the dress comes in. A lovely feeling as you know the big day is only around the corner :o)ll
ScarlettoHara Posts: 8442
Whoo hoo! :o)ll Great news!!!!! I remember getting the phone call to say my dress was in too its a great feeling! How much weight do you want to lose? You could probably loose about half a stone in a month with out killing your self. As for the underwear would probably need to see the dress to help you with that one! I suppose just go for some thing you feel comfy in :wv
ohholymoley Posts: 2150
:o)ll :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll Thats great news Ficidy, bet you cant wait to try it on again!!!
moyra-smyth Posts: 511
Yay so excited for you-still waiting on mine! Yours is fab though i love it. :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll