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strangeangel Posts: 1269
It seems like an age ago now, but I remember being so confused over the options when I found out I was pregnant last year, and so stressed trying to make a decision about which to go with, so I thought I would post my experience with the DOMINO scheme in Holles St and maybe it will help someone else who is wondering about it. I'll start by saying the whole experience with the Community Midwives was fantastic and I'd have no hesitation to go with them again on my next pregnancy. Here's why: - I attended the antenatal checkups at their clinic near where I live and was taken very promptly for every appointment - I had to wait 10 minutes for one of the appointments, but for all the rest I was taken exactly on time. This didn't mean I was rushed through my appointments either - there was always plenty of time for me to ask any questions and discuss any concerns and the midwives were always very helpful and friendly. - It was all free! I could have gone semi-private with my private health insurance, but would have been paying some of the costs myself for the same treatment (if not better when I hear about the waiting times for the semi-private clinic in HS) I got for free on DOMINO. - When I went into labour I managed at home by myself for a good while, but when I called the midwives when I was fairly sure it was getting towards the time to go in, one of them came out to see me at home, to avoid me going in unnecessarily in case I was wrong. She was with me within 30 minutes of me calling and was so lovely and reassuring. - I can't compare the delivery experience with a non-DOMINO experience, but the midwife who was with me was fantastic - supportive and reassuring without being pushy. I managed without an epidural, but for anyone who worries that doing DOMINO means you can't have one if needed, this isn't the case. They do promote doing things with as little intervention as necessary, but if you decide you want it and it's appropriate, you still have the option to get one. - I needed to stay in overnight, but was allowed home the next day, which is exactly what I wanted. One night in the hospital was enough for me, even on a semi-private ward. In the hospital ward the midwives were lovely, but busy looking after everyone, so the individual attention I got from the Community Midwives on my home visits after the birth was a much better experience. They came out to me twice the first day as DD was having issues getting started with breastfeeding and then they came every day after that for 8 days. If I hadn't had their home visits, I doubt I would have persisted with breastfeeding (DD had to start with formula, then graduated onto feeding using nipple shields and is now breastfeeding perfectly without the shields). The visits lasted up to an hour (more than that for the first one) and I never felt rushed. The reassurance of their help with DD and their care for me (they were very careful to keep an eye on my emotional wellbeing as well as my physical state!) was fantastic and it was lovely to get to see the midwife who'd been with me for the birth at a home visit afterwards. I hope that didn't sound too gushing, but I really, really appreciated being able to do this scheme and I do hope it's extended from the areas currently supported in the future as everyone should be able to access this type of care if they choose to. Hope this is helpful to anyone considering this option!
beatingmyselfintoadress Posts: 2387
That's very interesting strange_angel (congrats by the way). Domino isn't available in my area - I was really hoping to do it. I'm hoping it will be extended to cover more areas. It sounds much more beneficial to have mid wives visit you at home in the early days rather than be in the hospital where they are just so busy. The staff are great in HS, but rushed off their feet. You can be left feeling very alone and vulnerable if you are not the type to shout for attention. Thanks for posting your experience, it's good to keep in mind.
smurf77 Posts: 2216
I attended the midwives clinic in HS as the domino scheme doesnt cover my area. Midwives clinic is fantastic and alot of people dont know it is there. Would totally recommend it too
OAT Posts: 2207
I totally agree with everything Strange Angel said about DOMINO, I didn't have to think twice about going with them this time round also, but the first 2 apt's and my scan I noticed a few changes, like there was a consultant, alot more pregnant woman and I didn't recognise any of the midwives, so I was a bit confused until I met the midwife who delivered DS in the corridor of the clinic and she asked me why I wasn't with DOMINO this time??? :eek :eek It turns out the stupid receptionists in the health centre kept booking me into the general clinic instead of DOMINO.... So looking forward to my first appointment (at 29 weeks :o0 )
Purple Tulip Posts: 3442
thanks fot that post i am goin with Domino this time 1st appointment is 6th of may went public on DS :wv
marriedLife Posts: 1881
[b:3434mcfs]smurf77 [/b:3434mcfs]I am booked into this clinic because I am out of the catchment area for Domino - haven't heard of anyone who went to it - so dying to hear how similar it is to Domino - do you get your midwife for the whole pregnancy assigned to you? Also do they give you the option for early transfer home with a midwife visiting you afterwards - was thinking probably not because not in the catchment area. My first appointment is the start of April in Pearse St Clinic - did you go here? Sorry for all the questions but dying to hear peoples' experience of it :thnk
ababy Posts: 73
Hi strange_angel, thanks for your great feedback - I knew before I even got my BFP that I wanted to go with the Domino scheme as I had read up on it and it seems like such a great service and has lots of the benefits of going private but its all free. I also want to try to have as much of a natural birth as possible so the fact that the midwives really support this and seem so hands on is brilliant. I am booked in and have my first appointment in May so can't wait. Its great to hear that you laboured at home too and that your midwife came out to you - I didn't know that. My only concern to date has been that I actually have to go to Holles street to give birth and I was worried about the overcrowding, so if I can stay at home for as long as possible and then get out of there asap afterwards then I'll be delighted. I have my first private scan on friday so I'm hoping there's only one in there so I don't get booted off the Domino scheme :o0
WinterWonderland Posts: 1242
Thanks for the feedback your experience sounds fantastic & reassuring that I made the right decision. I am doing Domino in Wexford on this my first pregnancy & so far they are brilliant! :o)ll
ttcbaby2 Posts: 273
Hi, On the subject of Domino does anyone know if you can go semi private in the rotunda and take part in the domino scheme - or is there any point doing that? I would just like my stay in the hospital to be semi private more so that seeing consultants, I would be happy with GP and Midwife care. thanks :wv
marriedLife Posts: 1881
tizzybaby yes you can opt for semi private accommodation - in total it costs €800 and VHI/Quinn etc cover €300 of this. So basically you have to pay €500 yourself (if you've health cover) and this has to be paid in advance. The thing that bothers me about this is that you have to pay it in advance - and what if there are no rooms available and you've paid €500 basically for nothing! I am considering it though and I am going to speak to my midwife about it at my first appointment in a few weeks.