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Happyout123 Posts: 299
Hi All, I just started using My Fitness Pal app on my ipod to-day and i'm wondering when your adding your exercise what would you add Jillian Michaels 30 day shred as? Back at level 1..again (will i ever make it to level 2!!). Also couch to 5k, i just finished wk 1 d3 that would just be 8mins running and 22mins walk i'm guessing i should i log those separately..although its asking for mph to log it..and sure i have'nt a clue what speed im going at..just running as fast as i can (which @ 5ft 3 & nearly 13stone is not very fast) to get it done...and out of the dark, it's scary out there... Any help would be great x
castaway Posts: 296
I log 30 day shred as circuit training, I did a search on mfp to see what people logged it at and that came up. Regarding the c25k I would just log the walking and jogging seperately, for working out my speed I use H2B'S brain! :o0