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notlongtogo Posts: 5040
Sorry girls im doing a lot of moaning today. :-8 I could kill my sister, she is 7 weeks pregnant on her second child and is driving me mad. I told her on a Sunday i was pregnant (first baby) and i knew by her she was raging, well 2 days later she announces she is pregnant and proceeds to tell everyone even before she got it confirmed (she was not even late her af at this stage) She couldnt even give me 2 days to have the attention of our family. Ever since then everything is a competition with her. She rang me when she was only just 5 weeks to tell me she is showing (she is bloated like me) i told her it was too early, baby is tiny but she just wants to show before me. Yesterday she rings to tell me a woman she barely knows asked was she pregnant cos she looked bigger are the belly and she told her she was (she is flippin 7 weeks and is telling the world). Today she rings and texts me to say she rang the hospital and asked them for a scan and she got one in 3 weeks!!!! She is so competitive and just wants everything to happen to her first, she wants everyone to know she is pregnant b4 i tell people (im waiting until at least 12 weeks), she is gloating that someone asked her if she is pregnant cos im not showing yet and now the final straw she made an appointment for a scan so she will get one before me. She asked me how i was feeling and i said very tired (see my other moan post , moving house) and she said she is too but only cos she has another child to mind and on her first she could lie on couch and she was fine, meaning im not coping. Everything is always like "oh wait until you have a child and you will understand" and now its like well wait until you are pregnant and have a child to look after...... I have had to deal with this all my life with her but she is really annoying and upsetting me cos i dont want our pregnancies to be another competition for her. She keeps saying she hopes her baby is born b4 mine/ O:| Sorry girls im in such bad form today and this is probably not making any sense,its just everyday its something like this from her. O:| >:o( O:| >:o( O:| >:o(
Me Julia Posts: 1352
ah nltg it is hard for me to understand i suppose as i dont have any sisters. However if i did and was hearing that i think i would be pretty miffed as well. Its not a competition. Maybe she feels since her last pregnancy was fine this one will be as well and that why she feels comfortable telling everyone. Hope your tiredness improves and DH lets you off with the work :o0
notlongtogo Posts: 5040
Thanks Me Julia, i find it hard to understand her at times. I made the mistake of telling her we were ttc and the next week she tells me she had decided to aswell and she told me then she hoped she would get pregnant first so everything could happen to her again first. :eek I waited until i was 6 weeks to tell her cos i didnt want to put her under pressure but the next day she went out and bought HPT even thought she wasnt due for another 3 days and she even said to me she had no reason to think she was pregnant as she hadnt really been trying that month. I probably sound mad and over reacting but everytime i talk to her its something like this.
grumpy Posts: 1280
I can imagine how horrible it must be for you pet. Just try not let her get to you. If she's on about how she's showing, just look astonished and say "if you're showing [i:3qtf30vo]now[/i:3qtf30vo], what will you be like at 38 weeks :eek"! I'm actually really confused about that one, why would anyone want to be showing so early? If she goes on about wanting her baby before you, be all warm and snuggly and tell her it'd be great if you both had the baby at the same time! You could be on the same ward and forever more share all the kids birthdays! If she thinks she great cos you're tired with no toddler to look after and she has to cope, then gloat that you [i:3qtf30vo]can[/i:3qtf30vo] do nothing but lie down and relax! I'm amazed the hospital are giving her a scan so early, thats a little odd. Thats probably the hardest one for you to deal with. Try to be all happy and tell her you don't want one so early as you'd rather see the baby fully formed, rather than the little peanut it will still be when she gets scanned. If there's any nonsense about it not feeling real till then, tell her she's being ridiculous and sure you're mother never had a scan in her life and she's X number of you kids to prove she was pregnant! And finally, stock up on chocolate or whatever, and tell dh to be prepared to just listen to you moaning about her. He should be instructed to just listen, make agreeing noises, cuddle you and bring you said chocolate!
PixieAngel Posts: 107
You poor thing. Do you best to rise above it all. Maybe you could tell her that you don't want to discuss anythng to do with pregnancies until you are at 12 weeks as it is still early stages? (I know it would only give you 2 weeks but ANY break you can get from her sounds like it would be worth it. ) You just stick to your own principles and try your best to ignore her. Your sister will find it annoying trying to compete with someone who won't play to her rules. If she's proud of her bump, tell her you're proud of the fact that you're not putting on excess weight. If she's telling everyone, say you're telling no-one. Also, her telling people first isn't going to make her 'more' pregnant than you! I don't know whether you should laugh at her that her life hangs so much on being jealous of you, or feel sorry for her. You just remember to focus on your own life, which is what she's failing to do.
Christmas B Posts: 6191
[color=indigo:7t90qqvz]If I were you I'd confront her in a nice way and ask her why is everything like a competition to her. Explain to her that you're both having babies and how fantastical it is and that there's no competition about it!! You poor thing, she sounds like she always wants to be the centre of attention!! Seeing as she's telling her news so early on and you're not going to tell the news till your're 12 weeks, don't worry, everyone is going to be sooooo thrilled to bits for you and why wouldn't they be..... you're having an ickle baby - WOOHOOO!!!! I'd definitely say something to her though, you could say it in a jokey way but still getting your point across to her!![/color:7t90qqvz]
sparklybabe Posts: 3353
is she always competitive? sounds like shes insecure to me and possibly a little jealous? she is a very foolish woman though doesnt she know misscarraiges can happen. i think your best bet is just ignore her and you will look like the bigger person
twinssep Posts: 1242
ah u poor thing i have sil like this everything has to be bigger better first etc its so annoying one i n particular cant stand when something good happens to me and dh and always has a smart comment but we reckon that she is unhappy with her own life and this is why she feels the need to be like this so possibly ur sis is jealous of u at least when u think like that she wont bother u as much hth hugs :xxx
notlongtogo Posts: 5040
Thanks girls, i know i should just ignore her and i can do most of the time. She was always the centre of attention growing up and nothing was ever said to her for fear of upsetting her, i was always the only one who stood up to her. I do feel like saying something to her but she would twist it around and make me look like im imagining it. I honestly dont think she is even aware of how bad she is, i dont think she is being vindictive its just how she is. Its a pity thought cos she is lovely most of the time i just hate this competitiveness. Im the older one but she always feels like she has to do and get everything first so she can "advise" me. Thanks again girls its good to get these things off my chest. You are great. :thnk
Mama Dora Posts: 14987
I hate those comments "Wait until you have blah blah" Its so hard and very upsetting that you are not enjoying this special time,if you do say something to her she will turn it on you and tell people you are jealous instead of the other way round!!! She has serious issues with you and as shes the oldest it was probably jealous of you since the second you were born. Have little or nothing to do with her for the time being your hormones are rampant and you might say something you will regret-keep your distance for your own sanity!!! I just don't get people sometimes I really don't....... O:|