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MiniMeonBoard Posts: 6208
hi girls i got my 1st flower quote at the wken. So you think this is good? Bride (Red roses) 3 BM (Aspidistra Leaf with roses) 7 Buttonholes 2 Mums Church pedastole x 2 Altar floor arrangement 4 flower pew-ends Lightboxes for down the aisle trees & red carpet at the door candle arrangement in long wreath 1 car Total €900. What did u all get quoted for yours??
Jawl Posts: 8881
Choice of either 2 bary, cone or topiary trees 2 Wedding service chairs, covers and sashes and floral tiebacks A choice of assorted Unity Candle stands 3 tapered candles with added detail of wedding colours 20 Tabernacle Tea lights in glass holders 5 Bridal Party Car Ribbons to match your colour scheme. Large Bridal Posy - Roses (price includes any decorative bits, diamantes, pearls, stones, etc) 3 x BM Posy's - Roses (price includes any decorative bits as above) 7 x Button Holes for Groom, Best Man, Groomsmen, Pageboy and my dad (includes any decorative bits) 1 x Mother's Corsage (Orchid) 2 Presentation Boxed Bouquets 7 button holes for siblings on both sides €450
MiniMeonBoard Posts: 6208
you seem to have gotten a good deal Jawl - do you mind me asking where u got them,. U can pm me if u prefer.
cvbgc Posts: 169
my sis paid 450 last year and im using the same person
katiemomma Posts: 2690
1 large hot pink Gerbera bouquet for Bride 5 smaller baby pink Gerbera bouquets fro bridesmaids 1 mini hot pink Gerbera Bouquet for Flowergirl 12 button holes (roses - groomsmen dad brothers sisters) 2 bracelet/corsages (mother and grandmother)not sure what type of flower this was i think it was some sort of lily? each matched their outfits. 1 mothers buttonhole €190 we also got : 40 Pink Gerberas €60 we did the church ourselves. we got ivy from the garden and greenery from the garden, we got white flowers in tesco i think. not quite sure it was a friend of the family who got the stuff all for under €10. we had 2 stand on the sides of the altar one in front of pulpit one with candles in it on altar. and something in the porch as you came in. so our flowers were reasonable in my opinion. i wouldnt pay €900. try around! but then again there was things at my wedding some people probably wouldnt pay for either iykwim. best of luck with wedding planning . x
Peety Posts: 1588
Hi Jawl, would you mind sending me a pm too please. That price sounds really good & I'm going to try sort flowers out over the next couple of weeks. Thanx a mil. :thnk
sunny505 Posts: 1807
Bride2be1, that's an amazing quote!! You are getting a car (about €350 - €500) and a red carpet (about €250). So that only leaves €300 or less for flowers. You are also getting trees at the door. What kind of car is it and where is the quote from. Sounds nearly too good to be true!!
Layla20 Posts: 1089
Would you mind pming me details also please Jawl?
perfection Posts: 837
jawl me too please...
Beryl Posts: 1
[quote="bride2be1":1xpe96sp]you seem to have gotten a good deal Jawl - do you mind me asking where u got them,. U can pm me if u prefer.[/quote:1xpe96sp] Hi Jawl, Would you mind sending me a pm too please to tell me where you got them? It seems like a great deal. Thanks. :)