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joker Posts: 2789
This is my quote... and I specifically asked for only roses in my and bms bouquets!! Posy style bouquet of Ivory rose and ivory cymbidium orchid with cerise centre. Ribbon stem finish. Little to no foliage. €120 thought of another option that I think would be gorgeous and it would have a lovely scent. Posy style bouquet of Ivory rose mixed with sephanotis (see attached picture) Little to no foliage. €100 BRIDES MAIDS - Posy style bouquet of cerise rose and blush pink cymbidium orchid. €180 or Cerise rose and little stephanotis €140 FLOWER GIRL -7yrs Ivory dress Small pomander ball of pink chyrysants. €25 BUTTONHOLES GROOM - Ivory rose with extra detail €15 8 main party - cerise rose €80 2x thank you bouquets in complimentary colours €120 CHURCH - Ivory and some pink, flowers to include Delphinium, stocks, gerbera, lily etc. 2x large candle displays either side of the church. €200 2xsmall back alter displays €120 13x seat pieces, open ivory rose and cerise ribbon finish. €169 1 candle ceremony piece (candles to be dropped in) €70 2 Bay trees to rent in wooden boxes €70 Transport and loading (inc collect of all candle pieces after reception and on to Darver) €30 Total €1139 - €1199 ITS JUST TOO EXPENSIVE
jesabel Posts: 50
Hi Jawl, Could you send me the name of the supplier also. Thanks, Jes
jamjars Posts: 1721
[quote="lstars":3drf01jc][quote="tippgirl2010":3drf01jc]Hi bride2be1 & Jawl, Could you both please send me on the details of where you are getting those deals. They both sound good and i'm in the process of looking at flowers and cars. Thanks[/quote:3drf01jc] + 1!! thanks girlies!! O-O[/quote:3drf01jc] Me too please!!! Thanks a mill!
kathyg1 Posts: 34
Hi, Maybe Jawl could post florist? Don;t think I know where to find a pm! K
blissfullywed Posts: 356
Hi Jawl could you pm me the details too please. Thats a great deal, as you can see from all the interest!
wed2be Posts: 45
Hi Jawl, can you please send me the florist details as well? thanks! :)