My hen party disaster

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mpl87 Posts: 2
I edited this as I have since learned due to my drunkenness I don't remember the section of friends being there for me including my two bridesmaids and so was completely lying when I put up this post. Thanks for all that replied ye were all very true in what ye said and I'm hoping to work on this as my friends thankfully are willing to let me.
Joyce18 Posts: 96
It really does depend on what you said in the first place as that will give more context to the story.... Everyone has a different way of taking things that are said to them whether they are intended as a complement or not. Unfortunately drink tends to blow things out of proportion and it seems like this *may* have happened here. All you can do is apologise and reiterate that there was no malice etc intended. That you were trying to pay a compliment but that you understand you upset her and for that you are sorry. At the end of the day none of this would have happened if you hadn't said something that's why I feel you need to be the one to apologise first and hopefully the others will too. Hope you're okay. Enjoy the run up to your wedding :) I'm sure everything will sort itself out x
mpl87 Posts: 2
Thanks for the reply I apologised today and explained I hadn't meant to hurt or upset her. So hopefully all will be ok.
whereland Posts: 472
The timing probably wasn't great but I'm guessing they wouldn't have said these things to you unless they really felt they had to.. there's probably a lot more to this than just the incident on Saturday night.
CasualBride Posts: 574
I'd have to agree with whereland. If the girls accused you of giving back-handed compliments and being selfish then I guess it's up to you to do a bit of soul-searching. I can't imagine something like you described happening under normal circumstances - as in, if everyone was truly happy with their friendships and knew that all of their friends were supportive and loyal etc, then I don't think a remark could be SO misconstrued that it would result in the fallout you've described, so I think maybe if you value these girls opinions and friendships, then you might have to consider that they said to you has truth in it. I hope ye can sort it out - ye are obviously all friends for good reason, and good friends are invaluable, the fact that they cared enough to organise a great hen for you shows that they care, so it may just be that there are one or two things you do that hurt peoples' feelings that you're not aware of. Good luck!