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redsquirrel Posts: 391
Oh so upset, last night, we were sitting inside (cat just gone out) when we heard this big bang at the front door. When we opened the door, there were two big husky dogs on our front lawn (no lead)mauling our cat. They had ran at her as she sat at the front door (hence the bang). When we opened the door, the dogs released her and she ran away. The owner of the dogs was there and when hubby asked him for his name and address he gave it to him and apologised. Our cat is not well, we took her to the vet today and she has had surgery, two large cuts to her abdomen and a broken breast bone. Starting costs are €500.00. When we went to this guys address today it did not exist but we know he is local. Can I do anything to get his details? We have phoned the guards and hubby going down later to give more details. These dogs are highly dangerous to animals, small children, anyone really. It is against the law not to have your dogs on a lead. Please would anyone advice me on what to do, I am devastated. It is in Clonee area, please pm me if you can help me at all or know anything about these dogs.
lolabelle Posts: 3311
I'm sorry I don't know anything that can help but I couldn't not reply. Your poor little kitty. Hope she feels better soon :action32 :action32 :action32
trance Posts: 3129
First of all you poor poor things, I really hope your cat is ok you must be so upset. Go to the guards and make sure they file a report, give them as many details as you can, if you know this guy is local can you ask around see if you can track him down? I would be doing my upmost to find him and making him pay, the sneaky Shit giving you a false address. Fingers crossed it works out, main priority is your poor cat and getting it better.
MaggieSBride Posts: 399
This makes me so angy I am so sick of people with large dogs like this that they think they dont need to control its disgusting - ring your local dog warden and report it they should be able to see if any husleys are registered locally and I also think he must have had problems before to think of giving you the false address etc - hope kitty gets well soon x x
redsquirrel Posts: 391
Yes, thank you. Hubby gone to the Guards now. I know I will see this guy again, as last night was the second time I had seen him in a week. The other time, his dogs ran towards another dog who was on a lead and with its owner. The dogs jumped on this leaded dog and I saw this from our upstairs window. I heard the husky owner shouting over to the other man that he was sorry. Going to keep a watch tonight. I just keep thinking of what out little cat must have felt.
FlexyDee Posts: 4904
I can't help but just wanted to say that I hope that your little kitty gets better soon O:o)
MrsBig10 Posts: 2074
that's terrible!!! Like another poster, go to the Gardaí about it. they can check if the address is genuine & you can report the incident. Hope that you get it resolved
lstars Posts: 1199
thats just awful, you poor things and you poor cat :action32 let us know what gards say etc, x x pm's you also.
StupidSexyFlanders Posts: 8402
Would the vet be able to tell you if he brings the dogs to their surgery? I'm actually so angry for you, I would freak if that happened to one of my cats and lose my rag with the guy if I saw him again. Hope your poor kitty is ok. Those dogs sound dangerous.
Andi C. Posts: 1305
God thats awful about your poor cat. I would def pursue it and get him to pay for the vet costs as he was irresponsible having the dogs off lead. Huskies are not good with cats at all so they shouldnt be out in public off the lead if the owner knows this. It is not the law to have your dog on the lead, unless they are a restricted breed, which Huskies arent so technically he wasnt breaking any law. But the law states your dog must be under effective control, which these obviously werent so he could be done for this. I dont agree though that could be dangerous to children. Some breeds have a high prey drive, huskies would be included in this, but that doesnt mean they are dangerous to children. Huskies are actually very good with kids.