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Angel2 Posts: 787
Girls, I bought "The Best Friends guide to pregnancy" AND "The blokes guide to pregnancy" at lunchtime. Have any of your girlies read either or heard anything about either book?? Gonna wrap up "the blokes guide" for DH and have a lovely card from myself & little babe with it and give it to him during dinner. :xxx :lvs
Tigletts Posts: 2904
Awww that's sweet I have heard of them, let me know what you think, I got the Irish Pregnancy guide but I wouldn't mind getting myself another one.
twinssep Posts: 1242
hi angel2 i have the best friends guide and its sooooo funny u can really relate to it enjoy the read ill tell u jools olivers book from o to 1 is fab too :wv
bellabella Posts: 2750
I bought the best friends guide about 8 months before i even conceived :-8 and it's funny. Sometimes you need a laugh and that book will give you one. it's not overly informative but sometimes thats ok. its very americanised and at the bottom of most pages it will say something about how it works in the uk, which would be annoying if you were loking for proper info about how it works in ireland.
Sphynx Posts: 6795
The Bloke's Guide is my favourite pregnancy book of all time. It is hysterically funny in places but very realistic and we book really enjoyed it. Good choice! Must look out for "The Best Friend's Guide" for myself - wouldn't that be a nice way to let your best friend know you're expecting - buy her that as a gift? Might just do that as want my two best friends to get involved but don't want to ram it down their throats either as they're both v. carefree and single.
luigi Posts: 867
|The Blokes guide is brilliant. I bought it for H2B and he really enjoyed it which was a surprise. I used to read it in the bath when I had the time to sit and wallow in there for an hour! Chance would be a fine thing now!