my MIL's reaction to my pregnancy

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thats amore Posts: 714
well i've posted about this woman many many times before on this website (great way to vent!!!) but this time she has really reached a new low in my opinion. we're not getting married until next year but we have a little surprise on the way! due in feb. despite being unplanned, we're over the moon as we were going to start trying straightaway after the wedding anyway. we've just told family so far (only 8 weeks pg) and everyone was thrilled for us. h2b reckons he needs a gag to stop him telling everyone he knows! so when he went to do a job for his parents 2 weeks ago, he told them as he couldn't keep it in until i was with him, bless him!! anyway, apparently his parents were delighted for us and congratulated us etc etc but, and i'm finding this really strange, his mother hasn't picked up the phone to talk to me, hasn't texted me, hasn't asked to speak to me when she rings h2b. she has never been the most welcoming or loving person but i suppose i really expected her to at least ring and ask how i am or whatever. i have epilepsy and she does too and would have expected her to talk to me about that in relation to the pregnancy. i'm having her grandchild and she hasn't even spoken to me since finding out. am i being over-sensitive due to pregnancy hormones :o0 or is her attitude just downright cold?? you'd swear we were teenagers :o0
crazychick Posts: 763
She should have contacted you straight away, it would have been manners and its what you'd expect a granny-to-be to do, but people can be odd. Maybe she's nervous about you only being 8 weeks, or maybe she thinks you mightn't want to broadcast it seeing as you aren't married (not that I think that or advocate thinking like that, but she's of a different generation too...) The both of you should probably call out to the house together to see her, she'll probably mention it then. BTW - Congrats on the pregnancy!!!!
workingmom Posts: 3429
My MIL behaves like that all the time, but she's a selfish old bag, and I wouldn't expect anything else out of her.... did your OH tell her to keep it quiet perhaps? maybe she has to pretend she doesn't know, could just be a case of crossed wires.
thats amore Posts: 714
she is a selfish old bag too but would a phone call have been too much effort? h2b didn't tell her to keep quiet about it. there'd be no point anyway because when she wants to say something she says it and never minces her words either! poor h2b is really upset that she hasn't called me and i'm playing it down because i don't want him to feel bad on my part too.
MummyLuv Posts: 2478
There si always one, perhaps she may be just the type who deosn't mention stuff like that SIL's rection when I first told her we were pg was oh u'll completely ignore my kids once u have ur own like WTF (see the kids about 3 times a year) but thats just the way she is. She's arriving three days before bab is due, half out of her being excited and half out of her not wanting anyone else to get the limelight! She will have me driven round the twist!!!! My advice just let her off to be honest, if she says congrats fine if she doesn't she doesn't don't worry about it
arib Posts: 499
Yeah I'd say forget about it - you'll never know. Mothers can behave extremely strangely.
MUMS THE WORD Posts: 733
you're not playing the game she obviously wants you to play... If i were you i would contact her, and shame her... ask her if she's excited about being a granny and tell her how happy OH is etc.. etc.. some people are unbelievable, i am SOO lucky with my MIL, i truly am, she's just like another mother to me, but i could never tell my own mam that of course!!! :o0 Just contact her, and embarrass the heck out of her!!! You need to plamause(sp??) people like her!!!!!!
lovebug997 Posts: 4034
I live with my MIL n she never mentions the pregnancy! Never asks how I'm feeling or about appointments etc. Even when she knows we've just been! Her daughter and her daughter in law have just had babies so think she's babied out! Still hurts a little bit though!