My packed hospital bag

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jmeath Posts: 5740
Well girls i packed my bag last going to OLOL in Drogheda...jsut want to check im not forgetting anything... [b:1kx01ydb]For Me[/b:1kx01ydb] 1 x labour nightdresss 1 x slippers 1 x slipper socks 1 x dressing gown 2 x maternity pads 2 x knickers (1 disposable and 1 normal ones coz dont think ill wear disposable) 1 x mini purse with change (incase want something from vending machine) Wash Bag containing 1 mini shampoo 1 mini conditioner 1 x mini showergel 1 x mini hairbrush with a couple of bobbins 1 x vaseline 1 x pack facial wipes [b:1kx01ydb]For baby[/b:1kx01ydb] 1 x hat 1 x mits 1 x nappy 1 x vest 1 x babygro Still to get Mini Fan Evian Face Spray Just incase i get to have shower in the labour ward i should prob move 1 of my PJ's from my hospital bag into my labour bag to be fresh.... Is that me done? Ive seen so many different lists!
Princess_Jess Posts: 445
wow jmeath.. you are an inspiraton :o0
tinyfeet Posts: 3482
jmeath, sounds like you pretty much have it covered ya lucky thing! Wish I was that organized. What about towels?
baby2008 Posts: 1254
J Meath - too organised girlie :o0 What about breast pads for any leaks you may have?
MonkeySocks Posts: 1185
JMeath, you are putting me to shame. I think I have most things but they are still in shopping bags as opposed to a proper labour bag... What about Vaseline/lip balm?
Vogue Posts: 426
Is one babygrow and vest enough? I know nothing about this :-8
walkingwollie Posts: 3344
Hi I've never done this but from my reading, I'd say you need way more knickers as you will need to change them lots even with maternity pads- I read in the region of 3-5 per day of hospital stay minimum as you will (TMI alert) bleed more than you ever thought imaginable. Also read you need about 3-5 changes of clothes for baby as you will mess up changes and get stuff all over everything! I would also say pillows and towels - my midwife says a yoga mat too so that you can go on all fours if necessary.
Terrier Posts: 283
Don't forget your camera!!!
Mumslove Posts: 528
im not sure if this is just your labour bag or hospital stay bag. if just your labour bag Id prob pack an extra night dress just to be on the safe side and a few extra baby grows, vests and nappies as these unpredictable accidents are bound to happen. Oh and maybe add a little blanket for the baby. Im just thinking from my experience when in labour with dd, their was alot of time to waste as labour was very long and wasnt progressing so maybe pack a few magazines or a book. I actually brought a portable dvd player and friends dvds incase my stay was a long one. I watched a few during labour and OBVIOUSLY didnt get to look at a magazine or dvd after baby arrived as theirs always something to do.
jmeath Posts: 5740
Its just my labour bag.... oh i have a dark towel for me and a smaller towel for babs just incase (a baby towel), oh and i have breast pads, 2 sets in my labour bag, loads more in hosp bag.... I was trying to think what i packed in work today!! :o0 think ill put another babygro and another vest in just incase!! I have 2 little Winnie the Pooh ones :-) Will also get another nightdress...good tip...ill prob be too warm knowing me and want my nitie instead of PJ's....oh i hope i dont have hairy legs when i go into labour!!! Ya know the gym you have to buy your own or does hosp supply them? Also good idea about the yoga mat, think ill pick one up! tks girlies