My poor back/leg

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Bun in Oven Posts: 241
Girls, I have terrible discomfort in my lower back on the right-hand side. It goes from there into my upper right leg and feels especially terrible if I put uneven pressure on that leg. Every step I now take has some level of discomfort and even my whole groin area feels affected in some way. I think the worst discomfort comes though when I am lying flat on my back, even for a few seconds, it feels like a bone in my hip/back is going to crack. It is making it very difficult to sleep, cos I can't seem to get comfortable, and I am not sure, but I think it could be the source of the headache I have been having for the past few days, (the back pain has really stepped up a gear thes last few days; it was not as bad before now). Has anyone else experienced anything like this - sorry, it's a bit hard to explain properly but I hope you get the idea. Makes it hard to handle little man. :o(
tanyababy. Posts: 511
Its not sciatica is it? Not sure if I have spelt that correctly? Or there is some other condition that Charlotte Church had where the pelvis seperates from the other joints and is meant to be really painful. Sorry cant offer much help, just throwing out some suggestions. hope you are not feeling too bad :o(
Finished here Posts: 2860
If it is in your lower back and going down your leg it sounds like sciatica def and it is a pain thats nearly like a burning sensation, some yoga stretches will help it a little and i find a hot water bottle for a little while before going to sleep also helps as do heat creams !
Bun in Oven Posts: 241
Thanks very much girls. I looked up sciatica and it definitely seems to fit the description of what I have alright. I did yoga on my last pregnancy (I didn't have this on last pg) but at the moment there is nowhere around that is doing it. Is there anything else I can do in the meantime? I have been putting a hot pack on it.
spanish mum Posts: 2468
Hi Bun In Oven - I have got sciatica. I have had it the last 3months whislt pregnant, and now, 2 weeks after having baby, it is unbearable. I have been having daily injections at the doctors for the last 6 days, and have 4 more days left to yet, there is no improvement whatsoever (tho i have to have a weaker different injection than usual cos of breastfeeding). I really want to go out walking with DS in his pram, and even just potter around the house, but the pain when putting pressure on the leg is just insane! i really feel for you. Let me know how you get on. SB
Bun in Oven Posts: 241
Oh Spanish Bump - I feel for you too! It sounds like you are having a really hard time with it. I do hope things improve for you soon so you can get out and about. x I am not so bad in the morning after a night's rest but I am just finding it so hard to bear at night after all the wear and tear of the day and lifting my HEAVY 15 month old...