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Mrs Mags Posts: 36
Where do I start with my report. Finished up work the week before the wedding which was the Friday (12th Mar). We spent that weekend together and went for a nice meal on Monday night just the two of us as most of Willies family were arriving from Scotland on the Tuesday. He had to work Tuesday but I was off. Went to town with my mam then collected my dress. Was all excited to finally have the dress in my mams. Stayed in mams for the rest of the day till he finished up work then went to the airport to collect the in-laws. Finally got back to Navan and down to the pub for a few well earned drinks. Wednesday morning the lads went to the gym and the girls went off to the hair dresser so Willie and myself frantically rang around all the b&b’s in Dublin looking for a room for his uncle and family who were arriving from Germany late Thursday night (I must say we were planning on going on the beer on Paddy’s day and nobody would offer to go to the airport to collect them for us and they didn’t want to change our plans. We were told they were being collected) So finally found somewhere and headed into Dublin to pay for this b&b and off to Goatstown to collect the best mans kilt. Got home cooked the dinner and off down the pub again. Thursday was paddy’s day we were off out from early afternoon. Willies uncle and family arrived from Aberdeen and met us in the pub. Friday. What a day. Willie went off into Dublin to collect the German contingency while I was supposed to get up and cook breakfast. I was only out of the shower by the time he came back. Not impressed as we were supposed to collect the cake early and leave it to the hotel. Said we would do that later as his aunt had to be collected from the ferry at 7 would be better to travel to Dublin once. So that was fine .Then mammy in law decided she had to go to Blanchardstown and I had to bring her. She didn’t arrive down the stairs to go till 1.30 and I had to be there back and finish packing and to collect the cake in Dublin at 5. Got a phone call from my mam while in blanch to say we had to walk up the the hairdressers the next morning cause my dad had to go to the airport to collect my cousins boyfriend. I nearly freacked in the middle of penneys. Told my mam I would arrange a taxi when I got to hers it was my wedding and there was no way in hell I was walking to the hairdresser. Had to ring Willie from blanch and tell him to go get the cake and meet me at the hotel. Got back from blanch at 430 threw the case in the car and out the door to my mams 33 miles away where I had to collect my chief bridesmaid. Got to mam at 5.20 put case in mams then off to the hotel to get the hubby to be and father in law (h2b was leaving his car at the hotel so his dad would have it the next day and taking my car back to Navan). Was 630 and we leaving the hotel and his aunty was due at the ferry at 7. 5 mins after leaving the hotel phone rings to know where were we Linda and Tom were waiting at the ferry. I told them to wait. Willie dropped me and CB to my mams then went to ferry and called into my mams on way home to give me my present. Not very romantic goodbye but I just wanted to sit down and relax at that stage. My cousin came up from Athlone on Friday she was staying in mams on friday night with us. My other cousin arrived about 8 to do my nails and then the phone started. Saturday finally came. Got up at 7. Was actually surprised I had slept but I did feel all relaxed. Had some tea and then had a shower. Was already to go to the hairdresser when mary bridesmaids mother arrived to bring us. My dad had to go to the airport so couldn’t bring us so mary offered on Friday night to take us. Got the hairs done and I have to say we all looked a million dollars. The only thing I was worried about was the lack of nerves. I was grand (normally in a heap or in bed with migraine). Got back home and the flowers had arrived. They were amazing better than I have ever dreamed. Then we had breakfast. My cousin was there ready to do our make up. Two girls got theirs done first then me then the chief bridesmaid. The photographer arrived around 12.30. Then the bell went I thought it was some well wishers. Low and behold in arrives my uncle & family from Galway (8 of them in total). Is it ok if we get changed here we thought we were going to be late. I nearly had a heart attack. No nerves at all but I anted to kill them all. Girls were ready at this stage. Then I decided I should really go to the loo before I got into my dress time was getting on at this stage and I wanted to be gone. Do you think I could get near the bathroom –NO !!!! 15 mins I had to wait to get into my own bathroom. Then I was informed that Mary was below in the kitchen ironing my cousins boyfriend shirt so he could put it on him. What a nerve. Cars arrived then so at least I knew the boys were up at the church waiting so I wanted into the dress and out even more. Finally got to the loo and got the dress on without ruining my hair. Got the veil on and down the stairs had photos done and out into the car. Didn’t think I was too late but turned out it was 1.45 when I got out of the car outside the church. I swore I dint want to be late but due to inconsiderate family it was beyond my control. Looked in the door of the church and there was John Kelly our priest standing there with a big smile and a thumbs up to make sure I was ok. Finally was ready to walk down the aisle. Looked at my dad and he was smiling from ear to ear have never seen the man smile so much. Off the girls went nice and slow then came the bridal march I knew it was my turn. Dad and myself started to walk and all of a sudden everyone in the church stood up turned around and started clicking the cameras. It was so funny I just looked at dad and said ‘Jesus Christ’ The two of us laughed the rest of the way down the aisle. It didn’t seem as long a walk as I had remembered it from the rehearsal (which we had 2 weeks before the wedding as priest was away in England) it went so fast. When I got near the bottom I could see willie but he was looking ahead. I said to dad why wont he turn around but he never did (found out afterwards that the priest had told him not too). Dad handed me over to Willie and the tears in Willies eyes were unreal. The big hard man swore he wouldn’t cry but was overcome with emotion when the bridal march started that he couldn’t help himself. The service was wonderful. John really made it personal. Explained everything we were doing and why we were doing it so that everyone could join in. Most of Willies family are church of England so they had no idea what was going on but John made them all feel really comfortable. The singer was fab. I had never heard her sing trusted the organist to get me someone good and boy he did. She was amazing. All went well apart from willie kept telling me his ars* was cold on the seat (he had a kilt on)and before we knew it we were husband and wife. Signed the register, had photos done and then got ready to walk back up the aisle as husband and wife but he piper had gone missing. He went to tune his pipes so left us standing in the church waiting. He finally got his act together and we were on our way again. Greeted everyone outside the church, had some group shots done and then into the car to the botanic gardens for photos. I have not been there for years but it is great for photos. All photos done and we were off to the hotel to relax. Meal was lovely. Staff in the Springfield were excellent. The came the speeches. My dads speech was brill. Funny yet sentimental. Have no idea how I did not cry. Then his dad, then willie then it was my turn. Have to say I wasn’t nervous at all during the day but when I stood up I couldn’t even see the piece of paper to read the speech. Had to ad lib as best I could and was getting there till the end. I said Willie was my best friend and now my husband then started to cry. Couldn’t say anymore so I gave him a hug and a kiss and handed the microphone back. When I sat down I looked around and half the room were crying. So I made all the girls at the wedding cry. The rest of the night went like it was like 10 mins. Didn’t get around to talk to everyone. Before we knew it the bus was there to collect the guests and that was 1.15. We stayed up till 3 but had to go then i was shattered and Willie was just drained. The next day we were off to Australia. Mam and dad collected us from the hotel and brought us to her house to read all our cards and presents and then it was off to the airport. We stopped off in Singapore for the first night. Went to change my clothes and low and behold I had no trousers. I had only packed 4 skirts and two pairs of ¾ length trousers for the day time. I cursed my mother in law for making me go to blanch on the Friday. We had a nice dinner and then to bed. We were so tired.Then off to Sydney for a week and Melbourne for a week the New York for 3 days on the way home. Have to say the wedding was the best day of my life but also the fastest. The honeymoon was great but very tiring. I am shattered since we came home and just want to sleep. I will post my suppliers in another post.
danielle Posts: 818
welcome back1 great report and very honest-I was exhausted just reading about the days and hours leading up to it! You sounded like you had a fantastic day in the end though. nearly had me crying again!best of luck for your future together. :D
Fio Posts: 812
Glad to hear you had such a great time! Fair play to you for doing a speech, there is no way i could. It all sounded lovely, apart from the 15 min wait for the loo, I think i would have broken the door down :lol: Fio
RD Posts: 146
Mrs Mags - welcome back!! your day sounds brilliant and I'm delighted that it all fell into place in the end. I'd have been a nervous wreck with all that running around you'd to do the last couple of days before your wedding. Fair play to you for keeping your cool like you did! Don't know how you coped but if you find out bottle it & sell it! don't know how you did the speech - don't think I'll have the nerve to! :D mrs2b
MrsNoc05 Posts: 1823
Ah Mrs Mags it sounds like you had a ball you have me in tears reading this now - many congratulations to both of you and may ye have a long and happy life together
mrs august05 Posts: 949
MRSMAGS congratulations that was such a lovley report nearly in tears here i hope you will be very happy :) :)
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Sparklymum Posts: 1563
And you ask yourself why do we end up doing all the running for everyone else.... but we do it and don't realise the pressure it puts us under till we're in the middle of it. A lovely report, glad you had a great day, congratulations to you both!
MrsJuly2005 Posts: 246
mags, welcome back - that was lovely.....and i definitely have a glint in my eye now :D !! i really don't know how you did all that running around, sure it's no wonder you're exhausted now! but it sounds like you had a fab day - congrats
Lara Posts: 334
Ah, that was lovely Mags. Glad everything went so well for you (despite the troop from Galway!). Was looking at the booklet you sent me and thinking of you and W.
Grainne20 Posts: 835
Congrats Mags.....i got a wee bit emotional there reading the bit about the alter.....i am glad you had such a wonderful time!!!