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aisling2010 Posts: 11
Hey ladies, bought my shoes, what do ye think? I was so excited buying them, I cant even describe it. They are totally stunning, the kind of shoes you just want to sit and look at all day. My pair dont have the black edging on them by the way. How am I going to not wear these until my Wedding? Getting married 24th April! Am nearly ashamed to tell anyone what i spent on them they were so expensive, people will think ive gone mad. I took it from my savings and never really splash out on fashion stuff so thought it could justify it to myself!! Bye all ais
Mrs-Byrne Posts: 236
Ais, they are lovely! Ur dead right to splash out on them especially if you dont do it that often .. Could you leave them at friends until closer the wedding so u dont wear them? You will need to wear them in before your big day though!
littlemisslucky Posts: 221
Hi Ais, glad you were able to come to a decision in the end. They might not be the Naomis I said were nice in your previous post but they are defo fab! You can wear them around the house to break them in...know its not the same as wearing them out but it'll have to do til April!
aisling2010 Posts: 11
Yeah think you have to go with your own instinct in the end really. the other ones were fab too, but i already have a lot of silvery bling sandals and felt the peep toes were something a bit diff/special! Less likely to catch on dress etc than some of the other styles. I'm not normally a designer shoe person but think i may just have found a very expensive new hobby!!!!!!!!!!
littlemisslucky Posts: 221
Oh I'm so a designer shoe person....just from a distance though. :yelrotflmaosmilie: You're right though, your own instinct is best. I have completely different taste in shoes to most of my friends.
hollywoodbride Posts: 1341
FAB shoes they are so Bling - worth every penny of your saving.
aisling2010 Posts: 11
Thanks :) Hopefully they are bling in a nice way, as opposed to bling in a 'Becky from Coronation Street' way! The picture doesnt do them justice, the little crystals catch the light and they look really classy on. Everyone that passed me in the shop when i had them on stopped and commented. They will look fab with a LBD aswell in the years to come!
mrsdw2b Posts: 119
fab shoes. worth the money cause you will wear them again and again and again.
perfection Posts: 837
ooooooooooooo im soooo glad u picked them ones...there just fffaaabbb...
havemovedon Posts: 2013
Gorgeous! I fell in love with the Gina Campari shoes. They're a world away from all the other sandals I've looked at, have to be seen to be believed don't they?! Did you buy them online? I'm going to London next month so might pick them up over there.