my skin is gone all spotty - anyone else?

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holmum Posts: 84
I am having serious breakouts on my face, really bad girls. Now i changed facewash recently while I wait for my usual to come as I ordered it off the net. I dont think its the face wash though, reckon it has to be my hormones or whatever. In fairness I have no sickness or anything so I guess I can live with it, would be worse if I was throwing up every day... :o0
cbtb Posts: 413
Holmum, I got a lot of spots on my chest and forehead at about 6 weeks and they are only starting to clear up now. Its the hormones. It is horrible having them but I'd take them anyday over being sick. :wv
happybutterfly Posts: 212
Iam now 20 weeks and I have hasd the worst breakout of spots on my chin and lip area.Its quite embarresing .Otherwise I m fine
fraggle rocker Posts: 1426
From the minute I got a positive my chin broke out and its still the same. It was quite hard to handle as my skin was normally perfert and a lot of people are very insensitive and make comments. I was told its the hormones. I have read that spots normally point to it being a boy.
Mrs Electric Posts: 1939
same here i got them bad from day one, all on the chin area, they started to clear a few weeks ago and then i got a facial and i have loads on chin again, they are smaller though so hope they go quicker. Every time i go for a facial my skin has changed, i used to have oily, then oily and dry, then dry, im back to oily now, i dont know what to use, hormones should settle though and all will be back to normal after.
madhatter01 Posts: 495
Im the same, have not been sick at all and the only issue I have is my skin. Since I found out pg my skin has been a mess especially my chest which I NEVER got spots before. Also around my mouth and chin. Its starting to clear up now which is a few weeks later. Im very paranoid about it, very conscious. I bought a face mask the [b:jh0paaqy]Sea Weed one in Body Shop [/b:jh0paaqy]last week used it 3 times and the results are very noticeable. I deffo recommend this it takes all the oil out of your skin but doesnt dry it out. Face is brand new after! O-O
Barbalou Posts: 1617
My breakouts seemed to have stopped since I started using the bio oil on my face as a night moisturiser..
SaJa Posts: 4282
Acne was one of my first signs of pregnancy (including the sore boobs). It was really bad. I'd wash my face at night and it would bleed. Found it very hard to put make-up on as it was so sore but I had to try and cover it when going to work, it just looked absolutely horrible. It has cleared up loads at this stage but I still get one or two spots every day and my skin in quite red and blotchy. I tried every cream, ointment, facial wash, moisturiser etc. but nothing worked. I had no m/s so I presume that acne was my main pregnancy symptom. Its just a hormone thing and it will clear up when things in your body settle down.
newbie24 Posts: 530
I've had breakouts since the day I found out.....all along my jaw line, literally to my ears, it's really embarrasing and so far I've tried all sorts and it's not working, so I'm definitely going to try the Sea Weed mask and hopefully it'll do something!! Everything around your mouth, chin and jaw bone is hormones..........I'm just hoping this isn't for the long haul !!!!
mac tavish Posts: 296
hi girls i have it too >:o( All around my mouth and up along my jaw line as well. I didnt have any actual sickness just nausea, so its interesting to hear a lot of you are the same. Im just 14 weeks now and waiting for the so called "pregnancy glow" to kick in!! Is there such a thing?