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boomboompow Posts: 122
Has anyone tried this? It claims to be a natural hair remover. I found it on Facebook as an ad and just clicked it. It looks good but does it actually work??? I have fair hairs on my legs so I've been told that laser is not an option. Waxing is severe pain (very very low pain threshold) so this may be an easy alternative, that is if it works ;) Any ideas girls? *)
mamajen Posts: 2263
I've used something similar, but results only last a day, really dries your skin out.
LastRolo Posts: 6892
Yeah, I've used something similar. Its like a tanning mit only its like fine sandpaper. Yes, it works, but it's not as good as it sounds, it is more like exfoliating and your skin wil probably become (mine did) irritated.. According to how fine your hair is and how long you can do without shaving - your legs are smooth (yet irritated) for 1 day, but the hair grows back very quickly so you'd really want to be using the mit every day and I can only imagine the irritation!!!
dreamscometrue2012 Posts: 1769
I bought this in the RDS around the time of the Mini Marathon last year and like the other posters said, it dries out your skin...I only used it a couple of times... If you want to have a try, I know Avon are selling them cheap enough at the mo...as the one I bought was around €20 and was a complete waste of money!! Could you use that cream that some waxing places sell, I think its called no scream??
boomboompow Posts: 122
Ok so prob not a good idea! thanks girls, save me some dosh! :thnk I've heard of it but i think its only in Dublin salons I havent found any place in the west that has it! I think I keep looking tho, waxing it is! oouch! :o0
the bees knees Posts: 755
yeah ive used something similar..... have quite dark hair so figured it would take some work...... waste of money... got really irritated... worse than any shaving rash ... and that was just my legs.... skin felt awfuly dry after a few days..... i say save your money and stick to what you know!!!1
Elphaba Posts: 741
Boots have them for about €2, I use them every now and again, but I'd never use them on the under arm or bikini area. http://www.boots.com/en/Boots-Expert-Ex ... itt_38242/
PrettyWoman Posts: 1233
Dunnes do them too for 3eur. It is exactly like sandpaper. I tried it first and loved it. Really smooth and enjoyed doing it. But it is a pain, lasts only a day and sometimes takes forever (you really need some elbow grease!). try the dunnes or boots one first. I keep meaning to be brave and try the epilator (sp) again. Had two before but gave up.
This Little Piggy Posts: 238
I bought one of these too, it was like a nail file but for your legs if you know what I mean? Anyway it wasn't the most pleasant of experiences filing the hair off my legs and I had stubble the next day. I certainly wouldn't recommend it, I am a fiend for gimmicks!