my son poured cup of hot tea all over himself...

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Hellothere2010 Posts: 2358
I posted this in P&B by mistake - should have posted here.... god almighty I nearly died. It was so stressful. Thanks be to god he didnt get burnt but it was hot tea. I stripped him immediately and put cold wet towel on his chest. It happened in sceonds. I went home to my parents at the weekend for an appointment in Dublin and we were having breakfast. I took him out of the high chair - put him standing on the floor while I pushed the chair in to the wall. He walked be hind me and picked up my mug of tea. It was like it was happening in slow motion when I turned around. He got it to the level of his face but the mug was too heavy so his little arm trembled and tipped it over his chest - it ran down his legs and into his shoes. He bawled crying! I feel so so bad over it. He has no burn or anything but I feel so so so guilty
Fifi Trixibelle Posts: 472
you poor thing - you must have gotten the fright of your life. Well done on your quick thinking
cookiemad Posts: 917
glad he is ok tg,you poor thing
walkingwollie Posts: 3344
Don't feel guilty, could happen a bishop. They did a safety talk at our local children's centre and tea can scald for up to 15 minutes after being made :eek :eek :eek Scary times. Glad that he's okay x
kizzie Posts: 218
Really glad your LO is ok - these things happen so fast.... Try not to feel guilty just thankful that he's ok :)
MammyC Posts: 3621
oh thank god he is ok, My mam drinks tea all the time while holding my dd ( and other babies ) and it drives me up the wall. No matter how many times I tell her not to she still does it. :o(
NiamhOct06 Posts: 1253
Thank god he is ok. :xox And you too, am sure you got an awful shock!
Hellothere2010 Posts: 2358
im here looking up first aid courses. Have any of you done one??
sparklybabe Posts: 3353
well well worth doing i actually think it should be complusary when you get your bfp! red cross ones are good or the order of malta.
shellrex Posts: 571
DH did one with [url:2ivms95f][/url:2ivms95f] You must have gotten an awful fright but well done on the quick reflexs and thinking :wv