My version of Franc's centerpieces What do ya think?

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mkb Posts: 1744
Im doing a floristry course at the mo, as I want to do my own flowers and a couple of my friends and family are getting married in the next year or two so i figured it would save us all packet in the long run and it might be something i could do on side as a hobbie. Anyhow here is my first bridal bouquet i ever made, it only a simple one, with white roses but im very proud of it. IMG][/IMG] [img:359zbx12][/img:359zbx12] [img:359zbx12][/img:359zbx12] Any how for my wedding I want to have something a little bit different for centerpieces. I had got it in to my head about using hanging votives(tea lights) and then Franc had them on one the episode and I really wanted them. I just think they'll give our venue a lovely look any way after a few trials and errors, I have eventually come up with my finished product. I have done this one with cheap flowers, I didnt want to spend a bomb just incase i was not happy. So the flowers and tea lights will changed but this will be the general look. What do ya think? [img:359zbx12][/img:359zbx12] [img:359zbx12][/img:359zbx12] [img:359zbx12][/img:359zbx12]
Leftbank Posts: 2395
Hi jezebele. The bouquet is gorgeous fair play and i love the tea light idea, very different. you have a great creative streak and it works. Well done
spring2010 Posts: 81
love the tea lights...that is fab....were they expensive? if you dont mind me asking where did you get them?
mkb Posts: 1744
thanks guys. this what happenes when i get paid and bored. I got thos tea lights in the arnotts bargain shop on abbey street. they came on stand with a hook. think they were 1.99 or 2.99. I know they still have them in there. They are little bit big though thats the only thing. Im hoping to buy some plain glass ones from the states. I have to get my uncle to get them as majority of the sites online won't deliver glass outside of the US.
celticchick Posts: 151
Hi jezebele. They are lovely... i love the hanging tea light idea from the branches. Sorry where did you also get the branches if you dont mind me asking.. Do they sell them in flower shops?
mkb Posts: 1744
thanks for the lovely compliments. the brances are twisted willow. I got them in my local florist. they are normally around €€5 a bunch but ive bought so many off her at this stage she gives me a little discount. To cut down on the cost of it I was thining of heading up to our green recycling place my area. Its a council tree felling place and just going through an picking up brances from there. they don't charge for it and also it would save me looking like a fool cutting down brances from a field :o0
hollywoodbride Posts: 1341
ah the are fab well done . Do you mind me asking but were did you do the flower course I would be really interested in doing one !
Rocksie80 Posts: 4045
Your bouquet and centrepieces are gorgeous... well done, you must be chuffed with them! You obviously have an eye (and talent!!) for it!! :wv
Redpunto Posts: 224
very good - well done
bijou Posts: 1154
Nice work - they both look fab!