My wedding day hair, FREAKING OUT A BIT, help!

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Yonka Posts: 148
I'm getting married in 2 weeks and I have a girl doing my hair, she works in a well known salon but she does my colour as a nixer from her house so I arranged to go up to her and get a trial done as she told me she does bridal hair in her job too. I wanted an upstyle with extensions in and lots of soft loose curls pinned up at the back. Anyway she did it and I wanted more loose curls added as the way she did it was more of a structured pinned barrel curl rather than a loose curl. She added another lot of extensions and pinned them in place and it did look more like what I wanted. She had curled my extensions with the GHD before putting them in which was grand as the curls were big enough. We agreed on the day there needed to be more loose curls She took my extensions anyway and pin curled them all, gave them back to me in a bag and told me to keep them like that til the wedding day. I just had a look at them and each section of extensions has about 10 -12 pinned curls and I took out a couple and realised they are really small and bouncy ringlets. I am just panicking a bit as I think when she puts them in my hair will look like an irish dancers hair! with lots of small ringlets hanging down when what I really want is soft big curls. She is on holidays at the moment so I can't tell her how scared I am at the thoughts of having a mass of small curls on my wedding day!! I was just wondering if any wollies had or are having a similar style, is this how your hairdresser did your curls??! I will talk to her anyway but with 2 weeks to go I may have to start looking at a backup plan if I continue feeling uncomfortable with what she plans on doing to my hair. I think this may be a bridezilla moment, Sorry that was longer than I thought it would be! O:|
MayBee Posts: 346
i know this is probably not what you want to hear, but, the exact same happened to me 2 weeks before my wedding, i had a freelance hairdresser who did my colour etc and i thought she was great, i wanted loose curls, had bought the extensions etc, and when i had my trial, even after showing her loads of pics, a al Tess Daly at the time, i ended up like something out of riverdance, real tight ghd curls, i knew that the style i wanted was not going to be achieved with a GHD, it needed big rollers, but she insisted on the GHD, i went with someone else, but that was after she was after cutting my hair and thinning it out completely, i was in bits before my wedding and to be honest it nearly ruined the day for me, my advice, go and get another trial with someone else if you can, pm me the name of your hairdresser i would be interested to know if its the same girl, hope it all works out for you :thnk
Yonka Posts: 148
Thank you Ditzywife, that's exactly what I wanted to hear actually! Everything about her doing my hair just feels wrong and I don't want to end up in tears on my wedding day so I think I'll go with my gut on this one. The curls are pinned so tight that if I was to take them out and wash them there'd probably still be a curl in them! Of course if I don't get her, I can never go back to her for my colour but feck it, it's worth it for the peace of mind. Now how do I go find a good hairdresser available in 2 weeks?! :duh: I'm in the Citywest area if anyone can recommend one?
Steph2 Posts: 1044
Hey Yonka - I'm using Sandra Crosbie. She's based in Drimnagh and will come to you on the morning of the wedding. She has a super reputation so not sure if you'd get her at that short notice but defo worth trying her - she's so nice!!!! Best of luck hun!! xxx
Ilovetoast Posts: 2267
Dont stress! I changed my hair plan on the day... the hairdresser will do you hair as many times as you want until your happy!!! just get it done early so there is time to change.
strawberries1 Posts: 1245
Your hairdresser needs to use 'a wand' rather than the GHD. I tried this at my trial and it gives you nice loose curls.