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Ficidy Posts: 1753
Hi there, I'm new here so am just finding my feet... Have a question for all you experienced brides and brides to be out there.... Do you think it's too early to get my wedding dress for June 2009 and also, would it bother you if the dress had first come out in 2006, but that you absolutely fell in love with it? I tried on the dress of my dreams today and felt like a princess in it, but am a bit afraid that people may have seen it before as it's out since 2006 - even though it's very classy and elegant looking - I don't think it's the kind of dress that would age. It also turns out that my friend's sister-in-law wore this at her wedding last Sept - would that bother you? My friend and her hubby will be at my wedding and will have seen it on his sister - what would you think about this? I really love the dress though and don't think I'll find anything nicer!
contented Posts: 2625
hi there i got married in sept 2007 and had my dress picked in june 2006. its never too early once you are happy, feel a million dollars and know 100% that you will not look at any more dresses and know that this is THE ONE. the fact that you have seen it on someone else doesnt matter - how many brides end up with the same dress - you'll see that from this website lots of brides pick the same one but it will always look different on each bride. if you are happy and in total and utter love with the dress then go for it. plus if it is from a previous season there is the risk of it being discontinued and if you really want it get it.
delightfullywedded Posts: 163
Hi, I only had a 6 month engagement so I didnt pick my dress until 5 months before but the lady in the shop told me - after I had picked it - that one of the brides on Brides Of Frank had the same dress. In other words, about half a million people had already seen the dress on tv! It didnt bother me one whit and to be honest, if someone else had the same dress, I would be so flattered and think that they had great taste!! Go for the dress of your dreams girl and you'll be stunning!! Good luck, x
she Posts: 3298
Im getting married in May 09 and i have my dress since Jan!!!!!!!!!!!Never too early if you find the ONE :wv
Lyla09 Posts: 265
I bought my dress last week not getting married until next May, just knew it was the one when I tried it on, so don't think it is too early. It wouldn't bother me that someone else had worn the dress. Dresses can look different on different people.
lcarrick Posts: 1639
hey i'm getting married in june 2010!!!! i've picked out my dress and am ordering it in the next month!! fell in love once it was on my and nothing else looked better. i'm ordering it soon cause i don't want it to be taken of the line or something, i be so upset if i waited around the nto be told it was gone.
Belleboo Posts: 924
I have ordered by dress a couple of weeks ago. It wouldn't matter to me how new the dress was but I couldn't wear a dress someone else had that I knew. If I didn't know them and hadn't seen their photos then i don't think I would mind at all. Like other people said dresses look different on different people.
Mrs C at last Posts: 1672
I'm getting married this sept, and have my dress since july last year. It was already out a year at that stage, and has since been discontinued, so am sooooooo glad I got it. If you love it, get it, if nothing else, it will be one less thing to stress about.
Ficidy Posts: 1753
Thanks for all the great advice ladies... I really think I'll have to get it as if it's discontinued I'll really regret not having gotten it now. Am so excited... I love it!!
shala Posts: 1733
Go for it! Never too early!