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Kaniela Posts: 458
You looked amazing.. And so happy together :) Massive Congrats to you and you DH..
Rocksie80 Posts: 4045
[quote="wannabfp":1n5knnrn]Just watched it on facebook, you were the most beautiful bride ever. Your dress was fab. Highlights are brilliant, brought a little tear to my eye. Huge congrats :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll[/quote:1n5knnrn] Snap!! Blubbing away here like a fool :) You looked amazing- your new dress was gorgeous. Big big conrats to you and your DH and daughters. You all looked lovely. Love the layout for your ceremony- you're room looks like a similar size to ours, and I hope ours is as pretty as yours. Can't believe your day has been CP- I've been basing my countdown on being 4 weeks behind you *)
mammyslittlerogue Posts: 2184
WOw your looked AMAZING!!!!! Everything looks amazing...lovely the BM dresses, your cars, your DD's are little stunners... they will be 2 little heartbeakers when they grow up for sure. Wasnt it you that was looking for a dress a couple of weeks before? My god the figure on u just aswell u didnt take mine coz u are much smaller than me! You both looked so happy as did all your guests. Congratulations :o)ll :o)ll
ScaredyKat Posts: 365
Candypants, you look fab. You are radiant. Your dress is gorgeous. Such a happy couple and you both looked so relaxed.
Penny Hill Posts: 1898
Candypants you are beautiful. I loved your hair and you dress was perfect for you, you just looked sensational in it. Congratulations and all the best for married life :) :lvs
Dancing Queen Posts: 2591
Aw that was a lovely touch to add the video.. Its nice to put a face to the name xx You looked beautiful, congratulations :thnk
GoldStar Posts: 775
Congratulations Candypants and Mr. Candypants!!! Looks like you had a perfect day. Your dress was beautiful on you. Congrats again x
leopardess Posts: 906
Congratulations Candypants, you looked fab, no sign of a bump at all! the video is a lovely touch, looked like a lovely day...oh and i loved the colour of your bridesmaid dresses :)
FlexyDee Posts: 4904
You look gorgeous! Huge congratulations!! :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll
I Do I Do Posts: 272
Candypants, ya need to put a warning on that, I'm shedding a tear here! That was fab, you're stunning, your hubby looks like the happiest man in the world, and your girls are beautiful. Thanks so much for sharing, and congrats!!!