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baby blues Posts: 22
I have deleted this.
hopingforsoon Posts: 1152
Please don't take this the wrong way ... but ... if my best friend had been ringing and texting me every day over the past few months, it would have driven me demented! At the moment, all I want is a little bit of peace and quiet, it's hard enough waiting around for things to happen without being pestered. I'm not saying you were pestering her, but perhaps you went a little overboard with daily phone calls? And re her not answering her calls / texts ... she has a brand new baby and anyone I've know who has a small baby has dropped off the radar for the first few weeks / months as it is hard to catch up on sleep / feed and mind baby AND keep up social contact. I know my sister at the moment has her phone on silent until after lunch time every day, so that she can catch 40 winks whenever she can and knows a call / text won't disturb her. Perhaps you have invested too much time and effort into her pregnancy and now you're getting hurt because you feel the effort should be appreciated and returned. I'm sure it is appreciated, but understand that you can still be a good friend by sending a simple text of "hope you're well, if you need anything let me know, I'll give you a buzz at the weekend to catch up" and let it at that. She knows you're there and willing to help without being in her face.