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SoExcited Posts: 204
Hiya, How are all the name choices coming along? What are all your choices? Anyone else finding they are changing their mind every 2 days! Today it's Sophie or Dylan. SoExcited.
charli Posts: 5994
love those 2 names you mentioned though they are gone very popular i am not pg at the mo but i love Ruby for a girl
SoExcited Posts: 204
Hi Charli, I really like Ruby too! There's just too many to choose from! I also like Grace and Josh. S.
over the moon Posts: 676
Oh I love talking names, Well for a boy we have more or less decided on Rian for a boy. I love it because it's a short name, irish and not awkward to spell or pronouce. For a girl am finding it extremely hard. I love the name Eabha ( pronounced as Ava) with a fada over the 'a' but hubby hates it. We both like Molly but I'm not 100% on it. Like Myah too but think Mia / Mya / Myah are getting to popular. Also like Lucy, Ruby & Holly. Any more suggestions? [url=][img:2sppdfik][/img:2sppdfik][/url:2sppdfik]
bibikay Posts: 644
Hi Overthe moon, think that Éabha has the fada on the E and not on the A - that's why it's pronounced as Ava. If the fada were on the A, it would be pronounced as Awe-Va (e.g. Séan is pronounced as Shane and Seán is pronounced as Shawn.) Of course, it's none of my business where you decide to put the fada, just thought I'd point this out... ;-)
MRS H TO BE Posts: 1410
Girls, Eabha does indeed have a fada over the 'E'... it's my little girls name & it's getting ever so popular :D More & more people are spelling it this way which is great!! Ruby is a gorgeous name for a girl ;)
Its a Secret Posts: 178
My surname is dreadful and oh so hard to match names to BUT for a girl I like Ava and for a boy Sean, Josh, Craig, James and Glen. Hubby is undecided for a boy and we have long way to go yet! Ava might yet change at this rate but I oh so love it!
Its a Secret Posts: 178
This is good. there is also a list on but it's old (1998 or so)
Miki Posts: 309
Im not pregnant (yet!) but for a boy i like Ben and for a girl i like Grace or Emily.
Miss Sunshine Posts: 1128
I want to call my first son Jack after my grandad. I always said I'll call my boy Jack and then Titanic came out and there were loads of baby jacks going around. Is it still as popular as it was?