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squeeb Posts: 112
Hi all, Just wanted your advice on something.My sisters daughter is called Eva and if I have a girl,I would love to call her Ava.What do you think about this?Is it too close sounding?My other sister thinks that its a totally different name and shouldnt be a problem but I dont know....
cosy days Posts: 1014
Maybe ask Eva's mam what she thinks. I doubt she would have a problem with it. personally it would put me off a bit but if your heart is set on it go for it, you don't want to regret changing your mind just because of what others may think. It can also depend on circumstances, such as, will these children see each other alot, do you reckon family members will say things like Eva oh sorry i mean Ava when calling the child.. Sorry not much help.
marriedLife Posts: 1881
They are different names so once your sister doesn't mind then I don't see the problem sure they are different names - so if you like it and your sister doesn't mind then go for it
squeeb Posts: 112
Great stuff.Thanks for advice girls:)
cupcakebabe Posts: 2232
Yep id go for it too i think its a lovely name btw
Herry Posts: 84
It's a beautiful name but they are very similar so perhaps ask your sister if you think she'd be annoyed (might be flattered though!). It's also one of the top girls name so she might end up one of many with the same name when she gets to school.