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Brown eyes Posts: 3
Has anyone any ideas about naming each wedding table ?
CoolInterestingUserName Posts: 326
We are from 2 different cities so using street names from both The top table will be the main street of both cities as it happens to be the same :)
Bridiekk Posts: 272
I've seen loads of different ideas and we are trying to decide on one too! I've seen: - Cities / places you have been - Father Ted Quotes - Pub names - Hollywood couples - Films - TV shows - Books - Bands - Songs - Flowers - Sports / Sport themed - Photos of you and your OH at certain ages! Loads of different ideas but head wrecking to decide on!
dilin o damhsa Posts: 776
I've been at a couple of weddings where the tables were numbered and it ad a nice change. If you want to name the tables then choose something personal to you or that fits with the theme of the wedding (if you have one). Have fun with it but if it's stressing you out go with numbered tables. Themes I've seen: Places the couple have visited Flowers Street names Band names/album cover photos Animals
Angcc Posts: 5
Hi I am planning on using either dates that mean the most to us or pictures: Dates: DOB of us both date we met first date said I love you engagement Top Table will be wedding date :heartbeat: Pictures: us as babies our daughter we both have a brother that has passed so photos of them football teams favorite bands Top Table will be our first photo together which was the night we met!!! :lvs Have fun :compress :) Ang xx