Nappies & Formula Food???

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adelz Posts: 3088
Hi all, have been looking at these and really am lost :-8 First time mum to be and haven't a clue :-8 What size nappies should I be looking at newborn / size one or what???? Do they go from newborn into size one when they get too small or into size two? O god feel so silly for asking :-8 Also what about formula food, I dont intend on breast feeding so what would you recommend, I had looked at aptimil or sma but how do you know which one to go for or is it just for newborn you buy or what? O god Im lost :-8 I would stock up on nappies when on special if could get around dh and as for food Id buy one or two tins to have! Actually how long does a tin last, o god starting to freak myself out here :o0
Penelopepitstop Posts: 66
Don't feel silly. Everyone is the same starting out. I'd buy just one pack of newborn nappies then size one after that. They grow so quick the first couple of weeks you'll be out of the newborn nappies in no time. My DD was 8lb1oz and we only bought the size one and she fit them no problem. I breastfeed but when I did go onto formula I bought Aptimil size 1 until she was 6 months. If you find the baby is a very hungry baby you get get the Aptimil size 2 (or hungry baby) formula. A tin should last you nearly 2 weeks at first cause they only drink a few oz's a go the first few weeks. Don't buy too much at first. When things settle down you'll know what's best for baba. It comes very naturally so don't worry. I would advise not to worry about cotton wool/water to wash bum after doing business but I used wipes all the way and found them brillant. The whole cotton wool thing is a pain as it sticks to the bum. Good luck and you'll be fine.
Happymammy2010 Posts: 837
Hi Babsdel I know how you feel I was totally lost when having DD but here is what I learnt: Nappies: you start with size 1 (I found huggies size 1 and 2 better than pampers but from 3 onwards I stuck with pampers) you would have loads in about 15 packs of size 1 to start with and about the same amount of size 2. Formula: I put DD on Aptimel but at 4 months she was refusing bottles and someone told me that it has quite a metalic taste off it so I switched to Cow & Gate and seen a big difference with her. At first you will need about 1 tin for a week or 2 then for a while you will go through 1 to 2 tins a week and then back down to 1 tin. You need to buy the number 1 formula for new borns. HTH
redroses Posts: 714
Ive bought the pampers newborn nappies 4-11lbs, they are on offer at the moment in super valu and have been on and off for the last couple weeks.I've 8 packs of these. With twins i dont really know how many il need but i think a good guage is 8 nappy changes per day to start with. Regarding the formula, i havent bought any of this yet, im planning on getting 2 tins of cow and gate the newborn one. You never know if a formula will suit baby so i wouldnt buy too much of the one brand.
adelz Posts: 3088
Thank you all so much, Im so glad that Im not the only one that has felt completely lost at this. You're so good. Thats great to know about the nappies and I will buy maybe one or two packs of newborn until I hear if we having a big babs or norm size etc etc. As for formula I was looking at SMA or aptimil one, but I have heard alot of ppl say about the aptimil one been very bland etc etc. But have any of you used sma? Thanks again :wv
BusyMom Posts: 717
Yup, I used SMA. I was expressing in the hospital and topping up with formula, until my milk came in. I was asked what formula did I want to use and I had no idea. I asked were any of them keeping irish jobs alive, and she said that SMA was manufactured in Kilmallock (I'm from Limerick so that's local enough for me!) so that was my reasoning behind choosing SMA! That said, I can't fault it, my son never reacted badly to it and thrived once I finished feeding him myself! Every baby is different though so as people say, don't stock up a year's supply of the stuff!! :)
adelz Posts: 3088
That's great to know, I think Im going to go with that, I know a good few people that have in past years but now alot seem to be choosing the Aptimil so its great to know of somebody now who's used sma. Thanks for that, no Ill just buy a few tins and see how it goes. Super girls thanks so much :wv
candypants Posts: 8575
We started off on Aptimil and then changed to SMA for same reasons above, also it is the one that is around the longest. To start though i would only buy one tin, just incase it doesnt agree with baby, the shops wont change them so ya end up stuck with them. 4 packs of nappies to start would be fine, either newborn or size 1 are fine. It does seem to be all very daunting at the start for the 1st time, but trust me, it does fall into place fairly quickly and you will know then what is best for your baby. Best of luck :baby3:
adelz Posts: 3088
Thanks v much for that. I will def take all info that is going, it is so daunting when you start to think about it all, and my dh favourite saying at the min is we'll be grand! and You don't need that!!!! Men :o0 :o0
BusyDee Posts: 8527
I think everyone has been in this position! I had no clue what formula to use, in the end I picked Aptimal as my friend was using it but Ive heard since that its supposed to be the lightest of all of them so if your baby is very hungry it might not suit. DD seemed fine on it but im thinking of changing to another brand (will put up a separate post in M&K). Can I suggest you get the Dr.Browns bottles if you havent bought bottles already. I started out with Avent but dd was very windy so the last week I switched to Dr.browns and the difference is amazing, wish I had used them from the start - they arent THAT difficult to clean and they fit in the avent steriliser so tg I didnt have to go out and buy a new one! DD was 6lbs 6oz at birth and she wore pampers size 1 nappies up till she was about 5/6 weeks old, id say the size 2 will do her another month at least. There's no way the size ones would do up to 11lbs!!! I had said I wasnt going to use the cotton wool and water in the hospital but I ended up using it only coz the wipes felt too cold on dd - she would squirm when I wiped her so I ended up using it but I bought the big cotton wool squares and the fluff doesnt come off them. When I switched to wipes I used to just dip them in warm water to take the chill out of them! Only for first week or 2 till she got more hardy! HTH