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Nance Posts: 161
Hi All Am heading on a mission up north to stock up on supplies before bambino is born. Was just wondering, on average about how many nappies would you go through a day, when they are new born? I have heard mid-wives say should have about 6 wet and 4 poopies but I guess they could all be separate or could be mixed up (Sorry gross I know, but it's baby pee and poop so not so bad).. anyway.. would you go through about 10 a day? When do they start settling down? Let's say you have an avg size baby, when do they grow out of newborn nappies (generally speaking) and what is the next size up? Sorry for all the questions!! Thanks
dreamer Posts: 3941
Everybaby is different, but I bought about 200 size 1 nappies and 200 size 2 nappies on the advice of my friend. Her little fella went through about 10 a day so that was 70 a week and he grew out of the size 1's after 4 weeks!! Hope this helps!
Nance Posts: 161
Thanks.. So.. are size 1s what you use for brand new baby?
dreamer Posts: 3941
Yep - thats it ( unless baby is huge I guess! :-8 )
Nance Posts: 161
they keep telling me that my baby is bigger and frigthening the life out of me.. does anyone know what is considered to be a big baby? I guess it can't be THAT big if it's fittting into such a small space, but i have visions of a baby that looks like a 6 month old !! Anyone had a BIG baby ?
dreamer Posts: 3941
A friend of mine had an 8lb 14oz baby a few years ago and that was considered big. She is expecting again and her consultant has told her this baby will be big too!
Topolino Posts: 1659
If you're baby is already a big size then don't buy too many newborn packs. We went through about 8 nappies a day for each baby at the start. Now it's about 5 a day each. Just don't open them all if you're putting them away as most shops will exchange packs if they're the wrong size.
spanish mum Posts: 2468
[quote="Nance":j0hebznd] Anyone had a BIG baby ?[/quote:j0hebznd] my neighbours daughter had a 10lb 13oz baby!! :eek she was only a slim girl too, and gave birth naturally! I never saw the baby in real life, but i saw a newborn photo of him at the hospital, just after he was born....i must say, i have never seen a new baby look quite so huge!! I am sure this is rare and not all that common, so i wouldnt worry. *)