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new1 Posts: 34
Hi girls just wonderin if everyone is planning to use the bins designed for nappies ie that bag/wrap them, you need special refill cartridges for them like the Tomee Tippee one or if a regular bin is ok or does it get v smelly?? Kinda wonderin if the special refills are a rip off or worth it? thanks :wv
Gingham Posts: 3014
I found this a complete waste of is just sitting upstairs..the trays are just such a rip off... Buy nappy bags much cheaper and put in a normal bin...
Mammy rigomad Posts: 958
We bought one and got the cartridges for a few months and now i just put a small bin bag in and spray inside with Milton when im emptying it,which is very 2 days or so!For smelly nappies i put them into a nappy bag!!
Bear Posts: 671
Was also wondering if I should spend the money on one of these or not. I didn't bother last time but few people recommended them on one of the sticky's for tips. Don't think I 'll waste the money now, the refills seem to work out quite expensive.
3littlemen Posts: 999
I got two on DS as gifts but found the refills to expensive. When I had the twins it came out again as we're in an apartment so it's not easy getting out to the wheelie bins regularly with all 3 in tow. I would try the nappy bags first and see how you go. I find it useful now cause I change around 14 - 16 nappies a day so I get the use out of it. New born's nappies aren't as bad as a toddlers or a baby eating solids imo so you might be fine with the nappy bags till you wean your LO but then find you need a bin then. I buy refills online and it works out much cheaper.