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shining star Posts: 877
Hi, another question from the clueless! When it comes to changing nappies- what is the best cotton wool- balls, flats, the one you tear off etc? Is it necessary to use sudocreme or should you use anything at all on baby's bum? Also and lastly! Does anyone recommend amy particular baby toiletry stuff, wash etc- Johnsons or a more natural one maybe? Thanks girls!
Pinkly Posts: 1414
Hey Shining Star-check out your ticker :eek With regards nappy changing I cant stand the feel of cotton wool so I'm going to be using the Babykind big cotton pads as I found them so handy when changing nappies when I worked in Childcare. Sudocrem can be quite strong, I only ever used it when a baby had nappy rash, Vaseline is quite good as a barrier cream & I used to apply it at every 2nd nappy change. I've also heard the Johnsons stuff can be quite harsh on baby's skin but I used it in work on the babies during water play & they never had any reactions to it. Hope your keeping well! *)
whackywoman Posts: 1496
Hi ya Not long to go now :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll >:o) >:o) On DD I just bought realms of cotton wool to wash her with (€3 in euro saving shops or Tommy's in Blanch and lasts for ages) and then use the big cotton wool pads for make up removing to dry her with (they are good value in Dunnes). If I am out and about I use baby wipes but prefer water on her. So far have not used sudacream or anything like that as she had no nappy rash. Am still only using water when I give DD a bath (once a week) and I must say she has gorgeous clear skin (apart from the few spots that she got for about a week when she was 4 weeks old) Hope this helps.
arib Posts: 499
I just use water for changing her nappy and wipes when out. She gets a good bath with Johnsons Top to Toe wash twice a week - my little angel is 8 weeks old.
shining star Posts: 877
thanks for replies girls! Much appreciated! I know babycrazy, time is flying by now, I'm on the countdown! Look at you too, it's great, you won't feel it either! Will have a look for those cotton pads, sound good- are they available in most chemists or Boots etc? Whacywoman and arib, thanks for that- I think water seems to be perfect for the first while anyway- even the natural stuff might be harsh on their skin I guess- thanks again!
Pinkly Posts: 1414
shining star I just pick up a pack every week in Superquinn in the weekly shopping - they are in the baby section otherwise any chemist would have them. :wv
kala Posts: 1937
i have used fragrance free wipes from day one- even in the hospital. i apply vaseline every now and then but not every day. i bathe him once a week using johnsons bath time , unless he has had a really bad poo and destroyed himself all up his back then i'd bathe him again. my littleman is almost 10 weeks now and heres hoping he won't get any bad skin. i also use johnsons baby lotion (the pink one) to clean his face and behind his ears. i don't like sudocrem, i hate the smell of it, but i'd only use it if his bum ever gets sore- its more of a healing cream and vaseline is a barrier cream.