Napro pregnancy - how long did you take medication for?

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hijac Posts: 7
Hi, Napro has given me a much wanted and needed pregnancy after years of trying. I am now nearly 18 weeks and meet my consultant last week at maternity hospital. She objected to most of the drugs I was on. She said it was extremely dangerous to be on steroids (prednisone 5mg), femetab and LDN. Has anyone else had an experience of this. I haven't read anything negative about LDN and hopefully femetab is just for a month as oestrogen was not climbing as high as they like. The consultant at maternity hospital is really strongly against the prednisone and I am very torn. She expects me to come off it asap as she thinks there could be serious risks to baby. My napro doctor wants me to stay on it till very late into the pregnancy. I have immune issues. Anyone else been in this situation. What did you do? I am afraid of something happening (if i come off or stay on it) as this is my only natural pregnancy in 6 years. Would appreciate any advice. Thanks
ilvechoc Posts: 149
Hi hijac! Im a Napro girl too and have had my little boy from them and I cant recommend them enough! I went through the same as u-Napro saying 1 thing & hosp saying the other! How I decided was, I believed Napro were the experts in "complicated" pregnancies and I stuck with them! I looked back on my diary and I gave up pregnicilane (steroid-sorry wrong spelling) at 15 wks (advise from Napro). What I found was that the hospitals don't really back up Napro as its natural and until I was with my own private consultant when I was pregnant I learned not to tell them much about Napro as just what they wanted to hear! If I had to stick with what hosp was telling me I honestly believe I would still be hearing "Keep Trying-it will happen in its own time"!!!It nearly drove my loopers! Sorry for going on but basically I would stick with what Napro are saying, after 20 wks I went mostly with my consultant as I felt he knew what he was talking about & I had to trust him but at that stage they were both more or less on the same page with me! Trust your gut! Nobody wants to be on steroids when their pregnant but without them I wouldn't have my little boy here! feel free to pm me if u want anymore advice! Hope this helps.
hijac Posts: 7
Thanks ilvechoc. I will continue with drugs till about 20 weeks too. Just hate when there are conflicting views and have no idea what I am going to say to consultant when I meet them again. Congrats on your little boy. I too think Napro is brilliant and feel blessed to be in this position thanks to them.
bridedotcom Posts: 12
Something similar happened to me where I was advised to come off all needs at 16 weeks by my consultant (Predisolene 5g; Cycylogest and baby aspirin) I was not in favour of taking them 'for the sake of it' and challenged Napro when they wanted me to continue. In the end I took steroid every second day until i finished the course which was approx another 2 weeks. My feeling is that Napro are the experts to get you pregnant but the consultants are the experts in pregnancy ( I had a complication at 7 weeks and Dr Boyle referred me to "specialist' as he had never seen a similar scan and it turned out to be incidental) Like you I searched for what the right thing to do was and I constantly questioned Napro on the reason for taking medication. Dr Kathleen did admit they over medicate on the side of caution which didn't really sit right with me but ultimately youll have to decide yourself! Hope this helps!