Nasty kid

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snowwhite Posts: 1034
i am fit to be tied..... i feel like going out and strangling a 6 year old O:| O:| O:| O:| she is the most evil little bitch i have ever come across, now i know all kids can be bold but this child is just evil she has been on holiday for a week and there was such peace on the road she came back yesterday and already there is murder she is not happy unless she is causing trouble.Thank god school is starting back. *)
Little Angel Posts: 913
Oh i used to live bside a little witch too!! The holidays were hell. She would scrap my car with her bike and leave her toys all over the place!! Thank goodness I moved!!!
sorourke Posts: 72
Ah so she's one of those "Spawns of Satan" my flower girl is another, very sweet to your face but oh my goooooood you really just want to get her exorcised sometimes......... We tried to go "flower girl" dress shopping with mine and we managed to try one dress on her and then had to promptly leave the second shop we went into as she decided it was a good time to throw a tantrum!! (Not easy to handle in a french Chic boutique) Now my sis wants me to take her with us when we do the bridesmaids dress shopping ....... I laughed and said a firm no.... as it is I will buy said flower girl dress two weeks before the wedding without visiting another shop again with her... and am terrified she will go beserk on the day!!! kids please tell me why do people find them adorable????????
snowwhite Posts: 1034
oh its worse than that lainey12 she just loves getting all the girls together and leaving one out, its so cruel and her mother lets her do it, if i saw my child doing that i would take her in but the brat rules the household over there its crazy sure shes even allowed to watch chucky and the ring :eek :eek imagine.... my child would be afraid of the ad for the film never mind watching it. i can only think waht she will be like when she is 15, hopefully my child will stay well clear.