Nausea in first few weeks of pregnancy & now none? Is al

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MMAB Posts: 589
Hi Girls, I will probably get an award for being the biggest worrier during my pregnancy, Im 6 +3 weeks now, I got my BFP 2 weeks ago tomorrow and it has all been confirmed by the doc etc, I was feeling very nauseous for the few days before I did the test and a few days after, since then it has totally eased off, my boobs have been a little tender but not very bad and I have been bloated in the afternoons a getting period type pains and darting pains now and again in my sides and belly. There are prob a few other symptoms like tenderness in tummy and being really thristy. Im just so worried that I my have had a missed m/c. I have a private scan at 10 weeks which isnt till the end of next month I did a digital test today and it was Pregnant 3 Weeks +, is this a sign that things are ok and that my hormone levels are going up? I was just wondering if anyone else has experienced their symptoms early on and then go onto to have a healthy pregnancy? Im not even tired, I though everyone was tired in the first 12 weeks. In general I feel great, Im just worried that its too good to be true I'd nearly rather be sick, at least then I'd know all was progressng as it should. My mother in law had 6 children and wasnt sick one day with any of them
June1 Posts: 11
Hey angel13 You are very early in your pregnancy and at this stage its normal for symptoms to come and go. Usually from about 7 weeks they get stronger but even then they can still come and go. Even having really bad sickness and every symptom it isn't a guarantee that everything is progressing as it should. Lots of women who have miscarriages had sickness and symptoms and lots who had none have perfectly healthy babies. I recently had my 12 week scan and everything was fine and I had very few sypmtoms at all and no sickness. I hope you can relax a bit and enjoy your pregnancy and hopefully have a healthy baby in less than 8 months.
MMAB Posts: 589
June 1, Thanks a millon for your reply, I feel a bit neurotic these days worrying so much, with all of the posts that I have read here I realise that anything is possible, like you many girls have said that it can only start from week 6/7 so its likely that it could start yet. I have realised that lots of people experience the same as me, I really would be lost without this site Im trying to relax and believe it or not getting a little better at it, I was very bad last week O:| I have decided to just let things take their course and what will be will be. Our scan is on 20th Aug and we can have that to look forward to :thnk