Navan women? Hairdresser rec Navan pls!

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Pocodeleche Posts: 33
HI there... hairdresser recommendation in Navan would be appreciated! Wedding in Tankardstown - would love an upstyle and ideal if the hairdresser will travel to me... its not a million miles so can drive into Navan on the morning from Tankardstown where I will be the night before the wedding if I have to. Appreciate all you Navan and Co Meath girls giving me your recommendation.
deborahcurranmakeup Posts: 174
Ben Garry in Trim is very good and I know that he travels to the brides locations you could give him a shout. I can dig out another couple of numbers for good hairdressers that travel to the bride if you want to pm me. Hope this helps Deborah :) Deborah Curran Makeup Artist NATIONWIDE
may14 Posts: 62
Hi we used Carolyn Clinton of artofhair and she was brill and from navan my cousins wedding was in tankardstown and her contact for makeup was great to.
bling2010 Posts: 535
I have ben garry booked. He has a salon in Trim and in Navan. He did my sisters wedding in 2007 and came out to our house. He is very good.
susandanaher Posts: 43
I second Ben Garry,he's fab!!