Navy Bridesmaid Dresses

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mad2bwed Posts: 26
Have picked navy bridesmaid dress and have no idea what to co-ordinate with them as in H2B and Grooms suits, flowers etc. Its an April wedding so dont want the colour scheme to be too dark. Im at a total loss and wish i had chosen an easier colour to work with!!!! O:| Has anyone else had Navy dress and if so what colours did you choose for suits etc? I would really appreciate any help..... :thnk [/b]
fifi09 Posts: 414
Hi there I have Navy bridesmaids for the end of this month. Having a winter theme with lots of white's and silver. Have the boys in grey suits and they're fab. Have all white roses with sprigs of silver branches through them (instead of greenery) and diamante's in the centres of the flowers. I have to say I found the Navy an easy colour to match up especially at the moment, seems to be a lot of navy around for this season. Hope that helps somewhat but there are lots of possiblities. O-O
kookiegal Posts: 1150
A friend of mine was bm last April. They had navy dresses with yellow roses and the gm had grey suits. I was really struck by the colour scheme, thought it was vibrant and really modern. :wv
SparkleX Posts: 1057
Hi there, I am also an April bride and have navy for the bridesmaid dress. We are going with a dark grey for the mens suits and ivory roses I think for the flowers. I think the grey and navy work very well together
streaks Posts: 3592
You could have pink flowers with the dresses and integrate pink with the navy i.e put a pink sash around the waist of the dress.. saw this as a wedding recently and it looked very classy!! Good luck :wv
sherwood Posts: 737
Hi my wedding isn't until 2011 but I was thinking of having navy. The men are wearing black tie and to brighten up the dresses I was going to have bright cerise pink gerbera bouquets. I think navy is so classy whatever the season and the style of the dress will also determine whether it looks a bit wintery or not.
wedded bliss Posts: 303
I think grey suits would work lovely with the navy dresses & Id team them with either yellow or pink flowers....
mad2bwed Posts: 26
Thanks so much for all your help, i really appreciate it!!! :wv